Avram Grant: “If I finished fourth, I would have been sent to Siberia

Avram Grant

Chelsea’s Ex-Manager Avram Grant joked that he would have been “sent to Siberia” by Roman Abramovich if Chelsea had finished fourth under him.  Chelsea’s last week 2-0 victory over Wolves confirmed their fourth place finish in EPL. Now the blues turn their attention towards to an FA-Cup Final against Arsenal at Wembly stadium. Later Chelsea face Bayern in second leg encounter in the Champions League. Chelsea trail by 3-0 deficit to Bayern Munich.

Under Grant, Chelsea finished second in the English premier league and lost to Manchester United in UEFA Champions League final Penalty shootout. The former manager said that he would have not gotten any leniency from the Chelsea board. Chelsea also lost to Tottenham in a Carling Cup final.

In an Interview Avram Grant said, “I think it’s a good season. Especially compared to how it began, without being allowed to buy players. Compared to the requirement of Roman Abramovich. If I told him some years ago that fourth place would be good for him. Probably he would send me to Siberia, but because of the situation before, I think it’s a good place. For Frank, I think it’s a big achievement.”

Avram Grant on Lampard

Avram Grant

“It’s his first year as a coach in the Premier League. Of course, he was a player with a lot of experience. But you cannot compare a player to a manager, and I think he’s managed the team very well. A lot of young players and he knew how to play them. How to give them a rest and when to push them. It’s a good base for the future, I was very pleased with his performance,” also added Grant.

Grant has full faith in Lampard’s fighting mentality and assures that Chelsea would perform well under him. “I was sure, because he was always a leader. When you spoke with him, he had a different view about football. In my team at Chelsea there was a lot of leaders.”

“I thought [Michael] Ballack would be a good coach, Didier [Drogba], John Terry, because there was a good personality and a lot of knowledge about football.Of course, having the knowledge is not the same, you have to pass the knowledge to players, you have to deal with the owner, the media, you have to deal with the supporters, but at the end of the day, you depend on the performance on the pitch – it’s results, especially at the top,”said Grant.

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