Badminton won’t be smashing anymore?


Several former international player feels that the Badminton World Federation (BWF) should stop making extreme changes in the game and instead try to increase the popularity of this sport in different manners.

Last year, BWF reveals that synthetic shuttlecocks will be initiated in top-tier matches. Lately, the apex body indicated that the 11-point scoring system will reinstate the existing 21-point format.

While the 11-point scoring system did not get enough votes but BWF seems inferred to make it happen.

Former Thomas Cup winner Rashid Sidek has opened up on these changes, and said, “I understand that BWF wants to keep the sport relevant but why change something that is already well-received? I don’t see people complaining about how long a tennis match goes on for, or even a cricket match, for that matter.”

“Badminton is a long-standing sport like the rest and it has an identity. We don’t want to lose that,” he added.

Rashid, a former BA of Malasiya (BAM) coach, is definitely not in support of the introduction of the synthetic shuttlecock, as he thinks that this change can effect a lot of players.

“I feel the game will change a lot for players who are used to the current shuttlecocks,” he said.

Another Former International, Datuk James Selvaraj, thinks that changes should be done at junior level, not at senior level.

“If you really want to make changes, do it at the junior level. Only then, can we see a smooth transition. Senior players will not adapt well. I don’t see the point in making them change now,” said James.

Presently, nothing has been fixed permanently. Even the BWF annual general meeting (AGM) has been on hold due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


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