Bahrain GP: Sebastian Vettel apologizes to Esteban Ocon after crash

The misery continues for Vettel as he bumps intot he back of Esteban Ocon

Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin's 2021 Challenger
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Nothing is going right at the moment for Sebastian Vettel making his debut for Aston Martin in the 2021 Bahrain GP season opener. After being imposed to the last spot, Vettel would have loved to grab a practical top spot in the season opener but in the attempt of doing so he crashed into the back of the French driver Esteban Ocon. 

The 4-time World Champion initially blamed Ocon for the crash but then came out an apologised for the same. The bump occurred when both these concerned drivers were fighting for the 12th spot on lap 46. Ocon opened up his DRS wing on the start-finish straight and got ahead of Vettel while maintaining his line. 

Sebastian Vettel expresses concern and disappointment on radio after Bahrain GP crash

Vettel moved behind him and as he was going for a late move, he locked his wheels and crashed his car into the back of Esteban Ocon. It ended their hopes of fighting for any points, and the FIA slapped Vettel with a 10-second penalty, which further demoted him to 15th place. 

After the race, Ocon went into detail regarding this incident. He wasn’t angry or upset, rather in a more relaxed mood. He told Will Buxton, “Fight with Sebastian, in the end, didn’t go so great! But he came, apologized, and he got a penalty for it. So, it’s all fine. I would have been a bit more upset if we were fighting for fifth, but we were not!” 

When this initially occurred, Vettel pinned the blame on Ocon for causing it.  

“Why did he have to change his line? I locked up as he changed his line.” 

Understandably, he was exhausted over the team radio, “Well, it was a race full of struggles. Tough day, we will speak after.” 

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