It’s a confirmed news that Manchester city, one of the biggest clubs in the English premier league as well as one of the highest budget value club got banned from UEFA’s Champion’s league for the coming 2 seasons as well as fined for €30m (£25m). The ban will be applied from the next season.

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Champion’s league is one of the greatest competition in the football world and not being a part of it for 2 years is a big financial loss for the club as well as a big reputation loss also. A big shock to the club as well as the supporters. Man city is banned because they were found to have mislead the European football’s governing body and broken the financial fair play rules.

The ban shows the seriousness of Uefa’s Financial Fair Play(FFP)  Regulations for breach of code and conduct as the elite club is also not forgiven.

In response to this, Man city says that the ban is “prejudicial” and stating that they will appeal to the court. The key point here is if the appeal goes on till the next season of champion’s league starts, city will compete and if the ban upholds, it will start form 2021-22.

Now, why the ban was applied on city, basically city were found guilty by the Uefa’s club financial control body (CFCB) of falsely increasing their sponsorship revenues when they submitted their report to FFP compliance process.

The things came to light after an investigation sparked by publication of “leaked” emails and documents by German magazine Der Spiegel.

The leaked emails and documents show that the city owner was mostly funding the huge £67.5m annual sponsorship of the city shirt’s, stadium and academy by the country try’s airline, Etihad.

Manchester city alleged in their statement that the club was “ disappointed but not surprised” by the decision. City said that they will appeal against the band and the fine. “The club has always anticipated the ultimate need to seek out an independent body and process to impartially consider the comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence in support of its position,” the statement by club.

City have denied wrongdoing throughout and denounced the coverage as based on “hacked material”. If the ban stays it would be big shock as currently the club is in a fine form and potential winners for the champions league.