Barcelona to initiate legal action against its former vice president


Former vice president Emili Rousaud alleged that one of the club’s executive using the funds to fill his own pocket after that Spanish football club Barcelona is likely to take legal action against Emili Rousaud.

Emili was the sixth Barcelona board member to resign from the post last week. He was joined by fellow vice president Enrique Tombas and directors Silvio Elias, Maria Teixidor, Josep Pont and Jordi Clasamiglia, reported.

Emili after resigning from their post, members called for the reviewing of the leadership of the club. After that he made a claim that one of the member with in the club is utilising the club’s money.

“In the face of grave and unfounded allegations made by Emili Rousaud, the club’s former vice president, in a number of media interviews, the board of directors categorically denies any action that could be described as corruption and have agreed to bring the corresponding criminal action accordingly,” Barcelona said in an official statement.

“The Board of Directors have agreed that, once the audit is completed, it will analyse the content and conclusions derived from it, publish them, and will make their decisions and take appropriate measures based on their final result,” it added.

Even before, Barcelona involved in few more controversies. There were reports that the club hired a social media firm to isolate the players in an attempt to enhance the reputation of the Barcelona president, while there was a highly public space between Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal.

Currently, all the sporting events has been called off including football leagues due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Barcelona placed on the top of the La Liga points table with a two point lead over rival Real Madrid.


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