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Who is Kathleen Fitzpatrick? The third grade school teacher Miss Fitz, who went viral with an insane bucket

Kathleen Fitzpatrick's outrageous throw broke the internet as netizens hailed the elementary school teacher's surreal form.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

A third grade school teacher at Holy Trinity School in Washington, D.C., promised her students a hot chocolate party if she hit a long-range shot. What happened next stunned the world as Kathleen Fitzpatrick, popular on the campus as Ms Fitz, hit a stunning long ranger to make the morning for her dear students.

The video of the incident went viral like a wildfire and the entire world was stunned by the magnificence of the shot. While the shot stunned one and all, it raised questions over Ms Fritz’s history with the game and it turns out that she is an award-winning WBB player. Fitzpatrick played collegiately for Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights.

Who is Kathleen Fitzpatrick?

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

If anyone was wondering if the long-range bucket was a fluke, Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s resume says otherwise. Ms Fitz a former Division I basketball player at Rutgers. It explains her love for the game and her extraordinary form as she took the throw. She started 16 games for the Scarlet Knights in the 2017-18 season.

Miss Fitz completed her freshman, junior, and sophomore years at St. Joseph’s School. The elementary school teacher found her calling in the game during her senior year. She led her Notre Dame de Namur team to the PAISAA semifinals and earned the title of “third-team all-state Class AAA honoree”.

Miss Fitz was recognized for her sportsmanship and outstanding play with the Markward Basketball award. The Holy Trinity School took to Facebook to share the viral video of the former Scarlet Knight taking the shot. The Georgetown school also shared a picture of the students enjoying the hot chocolate they were promised by Miss Fitz.

As Kathleen Fitzpatrick became the talk of the town she appeared on the SportsCenter. Miss Fitz shares that she enjoyed her time playing with the kids and made sure she gave the best against the tiny tots. Fitzpatrick added that she just took the shot and to everyone’s surprise it found the bullseye.

I usually play basketball with the kids at recess, and I don’t really take it lightly,” Fitzpatrick said on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “I play as hard as I can. I just picked up a ball, and said — it was a Friday afternoon — that if I make this shot we’ll have hot chocolate on Monday as a class … I just launched it and it went in.”

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