Paul Pierce clears air around controversial ‘white girl – black girl’ take on Caitlin Clark beating Angel Reese’s LSU

Caitlin Clark and company have a bigger picture to focus on.

Paul Pierce clears air around controversial ‘white girl – black girl’ take on Caitlin Clark beating Angel Reese’s LSU

Paul Pierce

Caitlin Clark and the Hawkeyes finally sought their redemption after defeating LSU in the Elite Eight. The two teams fought for the national championship last year, which in the end was in the hands of Angel Reese and company. This year, Clark, the highlighted superstar of college basketball shined the brightest in the rematch against LSU.


Following the much-awaited victory, Paul Pierce reacted to the Hawkeyes performance on Undisputed. His reaction wasn’t received positively by any of the audiences, as Pierce recently cleared his comments on the Hawkeyes and LSU game.

I said some things on Undisputed the other day, that came out probably the wrong way, maybe offended some people... I've always respected Caitlin Clark. But when I seen her do it against a more athletic team, team that was considered the villains, defending champs. I was like 'Alright is she ball out versus them and get the dub, my hat's off to her. Not that it wasn't before... You get another respect level as a white player in a predominantly black sport when you go out there and play that way.
Paul Pierce clarified on All The Smoke

Pierce made his point as he did not wish to add any sort of differences. LSU was indeed a more athletic and tougher opponent for the Hawkeyes. Caitlin Clark led the team with a 41-point performance, writing this game in the history books of women’s college basketball. However, what lies ahead now is more important.

Caitlin Clark and company are set to face the Gamecocks

After a nail-biting game against the Huskies, the Hawkeyes advance to their second straight Finals. The Hawkeyes have yet another chance to win the national title. With the next game being Caitlin Clark’s final game of her college basketball career, she’ll look to make the most out of it. The Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing the South Carolina Gamecocks.


This would be the toughest matchup of the tournament, as they stand against the undefeated squad. One of the things that stands out for the Hawkeyes is their momentum going into the championship game. Clark has been on a roll, and the same goes for her teammates.

On the offensive end, the Hawkeyes are the most dominant. Though the Gamecocks are equally solid on the defensive end of the floor, it will be a tough matchup in a lot of aspects, especially in terms of size. The game tips off on 8th April, with Clark looking to add a national title to her accolades before she gets to play on the WNBA hardwood.

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