Basketball player Jeremy Lin pledged to donate $1 million


Former NBA player Jeremy Lin pledged on 12 April, Monday to donate $1 million to coronavirus relief efforts. He said, ” he had been pained by the treatment meted out to some of Asian-Americans in the United States.”

Lins who play for Beijing Ducks in Chinese Basketball Association after winning NBA championship with Toronto Raptors in 2019. As Donald Trump, President of US said this pandemic a” Chinese disease. “Lin wrote on Players Tribune website “The Darkness Has Not Overcome It”.

“One simple way to be the light is to support organizations doing crucial work during the crisis,” Lin wrote in making his pledge.

He was telling about some stereotype people in his life and he said that, “You know, my whole life, I’ve been treated a certain way because I’m Asian.”

“I’ve even been asked if I can see. I’ve been told to go back to where I came from. During the height of ‘Linsanity’ I was still the butt of many Asian jokes.” Lin is hoping to start the CBA season after everything will be fine in China.

Lin wrote by telling people that what will happen in future. “No one knows how devastating the impact of this crisis will be, but the projections aren’t good.”

He told people that this pandemic will take time to be fine by saying, “We’re going to be recovering from this for a long time. Lin said there is so many opportunities to get in this time by saying “But in the process, there will be so, so many opportunities to choose light.”


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