Battle royale games like Freee Fire under 50MB in January 2021

5 games like Free Fire but less than 50MB


Free Fire is amazing Battle Royale game compared to other games. Players lands on a map and search for weapon and supplies to beat opponent enemies and finish the match as the last man standing.

The immense popularity of the Free Fire has brought many other new games in this genre. That being said Free Fire is a bit big game. The download size of the game is about 800MB some phones might not have this much of space.Don’t worry we got you covered.

Here are 5 alternatives you can play:

1:- Shooting Squad Battle – Free Offline Shooting Game

This game has excellent gameplay and weapons which can be used to defeat enemies just like Free Fire. There are multiple missions you can play. Difficulty of the missions gets elevated after every level you acquire in game.

Players can choose from multiple game modes available. Most popular is Battle Royale mode and Deathmatch mode. Shooting Squad has simple controls and engaging gameplay.

Game Size: 47MB

Download it from here

2:- Free Battle Royale: Battleground Survival

This game is specially designed keeping low-end devices, thus the graphics are not like Free Fire but it surely ensures an energizing gameplay. Over-all controls and maps are good and easy t play and new players wont struggle much.

Free Battle Royale: Battleground Survival offers different vehicles that players can use to explore the map and gather weapons and supplies to kill the enemies.

Game Size: 41MB

Download it from here

3:- Stickman Battle Royale

This is a very unique game. Player spawn as a stickman on an island with other 99 players. Goal is to survive till the end as last man standing. The gameplay of this game is addictive and fun to play. It is simple yet requires some skills to defeat other enemies.

This game has over 1,000,000 downloads and counting on the Google Play Store and can run smoothly on the low-end or old devices.

Game Size: 21MB

Download from here

4:- Squad Survival Free Fire Battlegrounds – Epic War

It can be called a clone of Free Fire. As this is almost a clone of Free Fire all the maps, weapons, vehicles and gameplay are same as the original game.

That being said, all this stuff comes under 50MB. This makes “Squad Survival Free Fire Battlegrounds” such a hit.

Game Size: 50MB

Download it from here

5:- Hopeless Unknown Free Critical Battleground Strike

It is an action-adventure game with a hint of battle royale. It can be played offline in a single-player mode. Snipers and Assault Rifle players will enjoy this 3D First Person Shooter game.

This game can run on 60fps on low-end devices, hence it takes a lot less space than Free Fire


Game Size: 42MB

Download it here

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