Battlegrounds Mobile India: Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI

BGMI has launched a new community event named as Get Ready to Jump Event. Read the article to know the method of participation, prizes, rules to follow etc.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI
Get ready to jump event!
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Krafton is making sure that it lives up to the hype created by the players. In order to retain that hype, a new community event – Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI has been launched. However, unlike other events, players won’t be getting in-game rewards by participating in this event. Instead of that, selected players will be gifted a BGMI merchandise and much more.

This is the first community event launched by Krafton where everyone can participate and if they’re selected by Krafton, some exciting rewards are waiting for them! This event was launched yesterday- 20th July,2021 and will continue until 30th July,2021. Krafton had earlier announced BGMI Launch Party which received overwhelming responses by the players. The Launch Party was concluded with the announcement of first eSports tournament of Battlegrounds Mobile India titled as BGMI India Series 2021. Several players have already started registering for the biggest battle. In addition to that, various events have been launched in the game which is giving the players, a chance to win free permanent outfits.

The first community event- Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI won’t be available in the event section. Then a question might arise in your mind that how can you participate in this event? Take a look at the article where you can find all the answers to your questions.

About Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI
New Community Event

This is the first community event hosted by Krafton where every BGMI player can participate. Players need to do perform a simple task if they wish to participate in the event. They just need to show off their landing skills in the battlegrounds. Each player might hold a different technique while landing and Krafton wishes to select some players who have unique landing skills with their parachute.

Krafton posted on the official site of Battlegrounds Mobile India-

We’d want to check out the unique strategies you use in the Battlegrounds. For this community event of Get Ready to Jump, we want to see how you are using these tactics right while jumping into the Battlegrounds! Jumping into the Battlegrounds is all about choosing the right location, spotting the perfect landing spot and much more! This is a chance to showcase your unique skills and win official merchandise of your favourite Battle Royale game!  

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How to participate in Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI?

  • Players need to capture a video (screen recorder) while landing on their desired destination in the battlegrounds. Players can choose any map or any place according to their comfortability.
  • Share the captured video through your any of your social media handles and remember to make your instagram profile public while sharing the video
  • Tag any one of the official channels of Battlegrounds Mobile India-




  • Players need to mention the unique ID number of their character so that Krafton can contact them by their in-game mail

Winner announcement & Event Prize

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Get Ready to Jump Event BGMI
Event Prize
  • The winners will be announced on the official social media channels of BGMI within 30 days of the event’s end date. Thereafter, the winners will be contacted via in-game mail for further communication and details.
  • Top 150 submissions will be considered as the winners and they’ll be rewarded a Battlegrounds Mobile India Merchandise Box which includes a branded t-shirt, cap, wrist band, bandana, slipper, mug, mobile ring, backpack and a metal badge! 

Rules to follow

  • The duration of the video should be 1 minute.
  • The participant should submit only one entry. In case of multiple submission, the officials of BGMI will consider the last one.
  • Participants cannot post on behalf of someone else, only self-postings will be accepted.

Players can also look in for further details by clicking here.

Overall, the event looks quite exciting as players are getting a chance to manifest their landing skills. Players can even show off their unique parachute skins. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the battlegrounds now!

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