Krafton request players to not call Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile: Latest updates

Krafton, in their recent appeal to the content creators and gamers, has requested players to not call Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile as this may lead to bans from the Indian Government. We take a look at why this is the case in the current times.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Krafton asks not to call Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon release in India and players have been eagerly awaiting for its release. Krafton has recently urged players to not refer to Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile as this may lead to bans in India.

PUBG Mobile India has been banned in India since last September in 2020 and players have heard no news of release of it yet. The decision to ban the game had been taken by he Indian Government and mainly by MEITY. This was due to the ongoing border conflicts between China and India and in retaliation, India banned a total of 117 Chinese apps and games.

Now the Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon be released in India and Krafton has made some appeals to the gamers to keep the game running.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is not PUBG Mobile: Krafton appeals gamers

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

This game is touted to be the new PUBG Mobile India due to the marketing and the parent company. However, in a recent update, Krafton has appealed the players to not call the game as PUBG Mobile.

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Content creators are already gearing up and making videos to talk about the game and to play it on their platforms. Krafton has personally requested all the content creators to avoid writing or tagging the name of PUBG Mobile while talking about the new game.


The Watsapp forward reads, “We would also suggest to not use PUBGM in your content anymore as it was banned and we don’t want to be banned again. We would recommend using worlds like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Korean game, Indian version in your content.”

The company obviously fears getting banned by the ministry of India and this would spell devastation. India had earlier banned PUBG Mobile and MEITY had the biggest hand in it. Even with, Tencent backing down from the PUBG umbrella, the game wasn’t able to release in India.

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