Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 Best guns in BGMI for close-range fights

Battlegrounds Mobile India features a wide range of weapon choices for players for different ranges. Here are the 5 best guns in BGMI for close-range fights which are available on all maps.

bes gun in battlegrounds mobile india
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Battlegrounds Mobile India, PUBG Mobile’s avatar has an arsenal of weapons ranging from low damage o high damage stats. Let us take a look at the 5 best guns in BGMI for close-range or Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has filled the desires of its much-awaited PUBG fans with its launch on July 2, 2021. The game was developed by Krafton which rolled out early access on June 17. The game is a lot like a PUBG Mobile and has no bigger differences to what we had earlier. Guns are used to take down each other and the one who survives till the last will be given the winner title. However, there is a wide range of weapon options for players to choose from in the game But different situations call for different guns and for the close range you must choose high damage rate guns. But if you are good at accuracy you can even have the upper hand with a pistol. Without any further ado, we will take a look at the top 5 best guns in BGMI for close range.

Top 5 Best guns in BGMI for close range

5. UZI

UZI is one of the best SMGs and everyone must have tried this gun most of the time in TDM mode. This gun has a fire are which unloads the magazine in just a matter of seconds. The normal gun has a capacity of loading 25 bullets and with an extended mag, it has a capacity of 35 bullets. UZI has been seen as very useful in many tournaments and most of the Chinese pros will use this gun in close range. Recently, UMP 45 is being used mostly even for mid-range combats.

4. AKM

best guns in BGMI
AKM Best close range guns in bgmi

AKM is one of the best Assault rifles which is very underrated but it has so high damage rate. Many players go with M762 but few will pick this for love and destruction. It has a high recoil but if you manage it even it has not got such stability in close range. But if you manage it, you can definitely take the enemy down with 2/3 headshots. If you master this gun for a medium and some distant range, Then you would surely outcome as one of the best gunfight players. Several players like Jonathan choose this weapon.

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3. M762

best gun in bgmi
M762 – Best gun in Battlegrounds Mobile India

M762 is another AR gun akin to AKM in the game. Similar to AKM, this gun has high recoil which you can’t handle and you should definitely look for a grip to make this gun stable. Vertical Foregrip is one of the most preferred choices among all others suggested by many good players. However, you can go with as per your choice or requirement. M762 attached with a Laser sight could become the deadliest weapon in a close range which will it only heads of the enemies.

2. Groza

best gun in bgmi for close range
groza – Best weapons in BGMI

Groza is truly is the deadliest in the AR category and it is only equipped with suppressors and magazines. It is available via in-game airdrop guns only and to be honest, drop guns are always special. A few good shots on the enemies is much enough to bring down the enemy. Most people use this gun for its high damage rate and it is proven how powerful it is.

1. MK14

best gun in bgmi

Similar to Groza, MK 14 is an airdrop-exclusive gun and it only loads 10 bullets in its default magazine. Despite having such low capacity, MK14 is often referred to as the close range god and it is a true/worthy gun to have such a title. One o the best advantages of this gun is that this gun has auto-firing mode and single tap mode as well. Another advantage is that this weapon can be equipped with 8X scope. It can be used for long-range combats and it works as a DMR, but a more powerful one. Thus, it is not only effective in close range but also in long-range combats too.

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