Battlegrounds Mobile India [V1.4.1]: How to download BGMI full version on Google Play Store?

Battlegrounds Mobile India V1.4.1 is the official launch or the full version is out on Google Play Store. Here is how you can download the game on the Google Play Store.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India, other wise known as BGMI has launched its official Version which is the full version after 15 days of successful early access in the country. Here we will discuss how to download Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on Google Play Store.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced by Krafton on May 14 and they have rolled out pre-registrations for the game on May 18 which have received huge and enormous response in the country. Despite the political authorities raising voices against the Game’s release in the country, the developers have managed to lunch the BGMI early access on June 17 for content creators. Later the next day, the early access was opened for all pre-registered users which have led the game to cross 5 million downloads in just a day.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Today, the officials have launched the BGMI full version for Android users on Google Play Store and the announcement of launched was made earlier today at 6:30 AM IST. The official post reads:

"Fasten your seatbelts and get your squads ready, we welcome one and all to the official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA! Please note that depending on the device environment, the exposure time of the official version in Play Store may be different."

Now let us all know how to download the BGMI on the Google Play Store for free.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store (BGMI)?

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Full version download

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian version of PUBG Mobile and it includes the Indian server & players. No other player from other than this region can access the game nor play the game. The game is exclusively made for India. However, Krafton has not launched the early access nor the official launch for iOS platform. Since the announcement of the game made in May, the iOS users are constantly asking to launch the game on app store. It seems like they still have to wait for the game’s launch.

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Download BGMI Full Version

Follow the given steps below to download the game on Google Play Store:

Step 1: Head over to the Google Play Store and search for ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’ make sure that you have entered the authentic page of the official game since there are many apps based on the same title. Otherwise,

You can click here to get redirected to the official download page of the game.

How to download BGMI full version
Download Battlegrounds Mobile India from Google Play Store – BGMI full version

Step 2: Players can click on Install to get the game downloaded officially. Make sure that you have connected to a stable internet connection.

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Early access users can Click on Update to download the full version

Step 3: Players who have the early access version ont their device, can just click on the update option to update the game of full version. The update size is 137 MB.

Note: The game size is 731 MB. Players have to ensure that they have enough storage space which is required.

The game has also set an HD resource pack of low and high. The low resources pack will be more than 300 MB where as the other one will be more than 600 MB. Once you are in, you are asked a consent for data transfer from the Older PUBG Mobile Livik Version. Players can transfer their data by clicking yes and the data gets transferred. The data transfer can be done up to December 31, 2021. However, Krafton is stopping the migration service temporarily from July 6 until further announcement.

So we suggest all the players to transfer their data by July 6.

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