BCCI clears dues of centrally contracted players


BCCI has taken a Swift action to clear dues of their centrally contracted players as confirmed by the sources within the board. BCCI decided that players should not suffer during these times. Reportedly, Cricket Players in England have opted for pay cuts and it is highly clear that Australian players will opt for the same.

When asked about it BCCI said, “Yes we have cleared the dues for contracted players till March 31, 2020, all the quarterly installments of centrally contracted players have been cleared.”

They further told about the match fees that the fees of all the players will be cleared during this period or by the end of the financial year.

BCCI decided to postpone IPL till the 15th of April this year, as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of The novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. If IPL gets cancelled then the board will have to bear great financial losses this year. Previously, an ODI series between India and South Africa was also postponed.

The cases of this coronavirus in the country have reached 6,412 and out of this, the active cases are 5,709 while 503 have been recovered. COVID-19 was considered a pandemic by WHO on March 11th.


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