“Be Dominant”: Lou Williams encourages bench as LA Clippers stop Utah Jazz’s winning streak

Utah Jazz's winning streak broken as LA Clippers take revenge for previous loss

Lou Williams and Donovan Mitchell
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Lou Williams

This NBA season has surprised everyone as the underrated teams have blown off. They have proved every big team what they are capable of. The Utah Jazz are leading the Western Conference. After a lot of underdog seasons, the team has highlighted the complete league this time. The Utah were having a 9 straight win streak until today. Their record winning finally halted in front of the Los Angeles Clippers. It was a revenge game that paid Clippers with their vengeance towards Utah Jazz.

The Clippers defeated Jazz 116-112. Two of the finest team in the west were up against each other today. Paul George was seen back on court after his sore right foot injury. Even Kawhi was up and running after a minor muscle stiffness. Yet making the impact was Lou Williams for the Clippers. Despite having stars like PG and Klaw, Lou Williams was the in game leader for the franchise. He encouraged the team at every moment on field. Kawhi finished with 29 points while Williams had 19 to his name. on the other hand, despite effortless display by Donovan Mitchell, Jazz failed. Although he finished with 35 points, but in vain.

Lou Williams rages the LA Clippers’ bench with excellent leadership

Once again the veteran Lou Williams was majorly impacting the game. Other than being the igl, he was the player yelling at bench with positive intent. He screamed and encourages every one of the bench. He motivated saying Ivica ad team that, “Be dominant. Give yourself some chance at 7-feet…Get your hunger now. Don’t forget how we got here. Hungry. Alright? Stay greedy.”

The West is filled with competition. The Lakers are shorthanded without Dennis Schroder and injured Anthony Davis. It is the perfect time for the Clippers to accelerate ahead. They are already with a 22-9 record and 3rd in WC. This is one of the best advantage to climb up in the conference. Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams are major push for the franchise. Now with a winning intent they must eye top spot.

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