“On this night, he was great,” Patricio Pitbull talks about the defeat at Bellator 263 and requests a rematch in Brazil with AJ McKee

Patricio Pitbull congratulates AJ McKee for his victory at Bellator 263 and requests a rematch in his hometown.

Patrício Pitbull AJ McKee
Patricio Pitbull reacts to loss at Bellator 263

Former two-division champion Patricio Pitbull has an appreciation for his opponent at Bellator 263. The World Champion talks loss to AJ McKee.

This weekend, Patricio Pitbull took on AJ McKee at Bellator 263. The Brazilian put his featherweight belt on the line in this fight and failed to defend it. AJ McKee defeated Pitbull via submission within few minutes to become the new featherweight king. Despite losing in a terrible fashion, Patricio made time for the media and spoke about the fight. “On this night, he was great,” Freire said at the post-fight press conference.

“He kicked my head and he almost knocked me out and he almost finished me on the same night, so he was good. Congratulations. Now he’s the champion. I watched the fight. I knew I wasn’t asleep, but I saw my hands. I was standing, but that’s it. A fighter wants to fight until the end. That’s my mind,” said Pitbull.

Patricio Pitbull head coach wants the rematch at Brazil

A.J. McKee at Bellator 263
A.J. McKee after beating Patricio Freire

Though Patricio did not have any words of demeanor towards AJ after the loss, his head coach did ask why the Bellator was not fighting in the champ-champ’s hometown. “If we do something like that, this time I’d like it to be in Brazil,” said Freire’s head coach Eric Albarracin. This fight was held at The Forum in Los Angeles, California which happens to be the hometown of the title-challenger, McKee.

“This guy’s been here for 10 years, double champ-champ, the winningest fighter in Bellator history, most title defenses. Why are we fighting in Los Angeles? He’s the champ-champ. We’re fighting in the challenger’s hometown? Great, he won, give it all to him — he slept in his own bed, his dad’s a legend here, born and raised here, he’s born and raised here, 99 percent of the fans cheering for A.J., we’re in his house. Yet [Freire] is double champ-champ? Great, he won. Let’s do it in Brazil next. For one time, bring it to Brazil for the champ.”

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