“Ben Askren’s just a frickin’ winner altogether,” – Eddie Alvarez ahead of the Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight

Eddie Alvarez thinks that Ben Askren is going to win the fight against Jake Paul on April 17th.

Eddie Alvarez on Ben Askren vs Jake Paul

The former UFC and Bellator lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez picks side ahead of the Ben Askren and Jake Paul boxing match soon to happen. Eddie is currently fighting in ONE championship. The former Bellator fighter speaks out of respect for his fellow Bellator champion, Ben Askren.

Like many other fans, Eddie also finds it strange that a champion like Askren would agree to a fight like this. Jake Paul might have had his share of boxing but the youtube star cannot be taken seriously by most of the viewers. Eddie also feels just because Ben is putting himself at risk of embarrassment, he shouldn’t be counted out from this fight. Eddie spoke about the bout in a recent episode of the show, “What The Heck”. “Ben’s a unique guy,” Eddie said on the show.

“You don’t know what to expect with Ben Askren. That goes for him just as a person, that’s how he wrestled. You can’t run from yourself, that’s the type of person he is. I just seen him today on Twitter, he said, ‘In case you guys didn’t notice, I don’t give a sh*t about what any of you guys think of me here.’ And I’m just like, that’s the key to happiness, right? He’s figured it out already and I think everybody else needs to figure it out. But he’s doing his own thing. He’s ‘Groovy Ben.’”

Eddie feels Jake Paul is a better boxer but he won’t get the better of Ben in a fight

Jake Paul

Alvarez and Askren both starred in the Bellator championships a decade ago, both winning their respective titles in lightweight and welterweight. Alvarez later went on to capture the UFC lightweight title while Ben continued to shine in his league.

While talking about the technicalities of the fight, Alvarez said,  “After seeing Jake over the past year or so, kind of how committed he is and what he’s doing, yeah, I do feel like he’s a better boxer than Ben. But there are some intangibles that you really can’t measure that have nothing to do with boxing. That’s like, Ben Askren, he’s just a winner in general. The guy’s been winning longer and knows how to win more than Jake Paul does. So you can’t disregard them kind of intangibles.”

Eddie Alvarez concluded his support to Ben saying, “Do I feel like Jake’s a better boxer? Yeah. Do I feel like Ben Askren’s just a frickin’ winner altogether, yeah. And I’m not gonna disregard that. I’m looking forward to the spectacle. I’ll be tuning in.”

With his former colleague supporting him, Ben Askren sure does have some motivation in his bag ahead of the fight. Do you think young, Jake Paul can get the better of a legend like Ben?

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