Top 5 Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season

Top 5 Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season

Top 5 Centers

When we talk of NBA roster, a big man lineup is the most conventional and go to form. The center position has been traditionally viewed as one of the most prominent positions. The range of players used in the position has transitioned from comparatively slower but much taller “back to the basket” players.  While being the top-notch defender defending the rim to playing the paint game, a center is always the crucial addition. In the modern-day, these tall players have been the most prominent scorers.


List of Top Best 5 Centers of 2020-21 NBA season

#5 Nikola Vucevic

Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season
Nikola Vucevic

Viewed as one of the most talented centers in the NBA, Nikola Vucevic made it to the Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season. Vucevic is one of the few centers in the NBA that is an all-rounder. He can score in a variety of ways; he has great passing abilities; he is an outstanding rebounder, and he limits both turnovers and fouls. The Orlando Magic’s later was traded to the Chicago Bulls. The star center has been an all-around scorer in the team.

This season, the 7’0” footer buried a crucial skill. His dominance in the paint was a top-notch performance. The center averaged 23.4 PPG, 11.7 RPG, and .477 FG%. Other than that Nikola Vucevic valuable addition to the Chicago Bulls will be a huge support for the seasons to come.

#4 Bam Adebayo

Top 5 Centers of 2020-21
Bam Adebayo

The Heat’s rising superstar had one of the 2020 playoffs’ best performances when he registered 32 points, 14 rebounds, and five assists in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. And his explosive play is the reason, Bam Adebayo finds a place in Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season. Bam signed a max contract with the Miami Heat for 5 years.


He became the first player to average at least 15 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, one steal, and one block in one season before reaching a fourth NBA year. Adebayo averaged 18.7 PPG, 9.0 RPG, and .456 FG%. However, Bam Adebayo became the 2nd best player for the franchise after Jimmy Butler.

#3 Rudy Gobert

Top 5 Centers of 2020-21
Rudy Gobert

The Utah Jazz star center Rudy Gobert has been a lot in the news. After his spectacular performance this season, he is a part of the best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season. Later he was given a max contract with the Jazz that no center has received in the NBA yet. His valuable defense and paint game has got him to heights. Although Gobert was an NBA All-Star for the first time in his career last season, there was some slight lapse in some areas.

One of them was in the blocks department. Gobert recorded his lowest average (2.0) since his rookie campaign. The other was his 3.2 fouls per game, a career-high.

While attacking, he was astonishingly effective. He shot a career-best 69.3 percent from the field, No. 1 among all regular starters and No. 3, behind Mitchell Robinson and Dwight Howard, among those who appeared in at least 60 games. The 7’1 center is averaging 14.3 PPG, 13.5 RPG, and .741 FG%.


#2 Joel Embiid

Top 5 Centers of 2020-21
Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers can never be missed out of the equations when talking of Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season. Joel Embiid has been the most prolific scorer as a center in the NBA. But this season, he was way overpowering than any of his previous seasons. Joel Embiid finished 2nd on the MVP list with a successful run.

He stood tall against the entire opponents and scored aggressively in the frontcourt. Embiid led the NBA season in post-up points per game by a fairly wide boundary. He averaged 9.1 of them, approximately four more than LaMarcus Aldridge, who finished second in this category.

Post-up scoring is extensively down from where it was just several years ago. For example, and this is according to, in 2013-14, 27 of the teams averaged at least 10 post-ups per game. The ‘Process’ scored at an average of 28.5 PPG, 10.6 RPG, and .513 FG%.

#1 Nikola Jokic

Top 5 Centers of 2020-21
Nikola Jokic

One cannot miss out on the big man who won the MVP trophy this season from the Best Centers of 2020-21 NBA season. In Nikola Jokic’s two playoff appearances, he shot the ball from 3-point land significantly better than he had in the regular season both years. In the 2019 postseason, which ended in the second round for Denver, the 7-footer shot 39.3 percent from beyond the arc, about nine percent higher than that year’s regular season.


Both Jokic and Jamal Murray seem to elevate their games in the playoffs, a good sign for Denver, which will need Michael Porter Jr. to do the same moving forward. While Jokic has been the lead for Denver, he has performed his job absolutely well. The Joker scored a huge number beyond the arc as compared to his signature paint game. He scored at an average of 26.4 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 8.3 APG, and .509 FG%.

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