Top 3 Best Character Combinations For Chrono In Free Fire For July 2021

With the introduction of new character with every major update. Here in this article we will take a look at 3 best character combinations for Chrono in Free Fire for July 2021.

chrono in Free Fire
Top 3 Character Combinations For Chrono
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With an ever growing roster and unique skills adding to the roster in Free Fire it is necessary to select the right combination for yourself on the battlefield. Here in this article we will take a look at top 3 best character combinations for Chrono in Free Fire for July 2021.

With every new update Free Fire introduces new characters and improves the skills of previous characters as well. Now Free Fire has more than 35 characters each with different and unique skills except for Primis and Nulla. Some of these characters are introduced in the game in collaboration with famous celebrities Chrono is one such character.

3 Best Character Combinations For Chrono In Free Fire

3. Chrono + Jai + Shirou + Joseph

chrono in free fire
Chrono In Free Fire

This is the character combination for DJ Alok in free fire is best for defensive players in this combination there is Jai that can help you reload quickly. Jai’s Raging Reload is another excellent passive. It helps with aggressive gameplay. It reloads 45% of the gun’s maximum magazine capacity after every knockdown. It is limited to only AR, Pistol, SMG, SG.

best character combinations with DJ Alok
Shirou character in Free Fire

Joseph’s Nutty Movement provides players with a much-needed moving and spring speed boost of 20% upon taking damage. This enables them to quickly either rush their foes or evade them. If an enemy hits the player within a range of 80m, Shirou’s Damage Delivered tags them for 6 seconds. The first shot at the target has a 100% boosted armor penetration, and its cooldown is 20 seconds.

2. Chrono + Moco + Maro + Luqueta

female characters in Free fire
Moco Character in Free Fire

This skill set can be good for both the aggressive and defensive players. Upon hitting a foe, they get tagged for 5 seconds if players have the Hacker’s Eye equipped. Maro “Falcor Fervor” increases damage with distance upto 25%. On top of this, damage to marked opponents surges by 3.5%

Hat Trick raises players’ maximum health by 18 up to 35 after every frag, meaning that after getting two kills, the max HP becomes 235.

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1. Chrono + Laura + Dasha + D-Bee

best character in free fire
Dasha In Free Fire

This is a charcter combination best suited for aggressive players who like to chase down their enemies. Dasha’s skill has multiple effects. It reduces the damage taken from falls and the recovery time by 50% and 80%, respectively. Moreover, the rate of recoil buildup and maximum recoil are lowered by 10%.

Chrono In Free Fire

Whereas, D-Bee can provide increased accuracy and more increased movement speed. Laura was recently buffed with the Free Fire OB28 update. Now, players’ accuracy increases by 35% when scoped in. These are the best character combinations for Chrono in Free Fire in July 2021.

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