Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes Till May 2021

Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes Till May 2021

Fortnite horror maps are a part of the Fortnite Creative, and players can use different Fortnite Horror Map Codes to get, well, spooked. Creative mode in Fortnite allows players to do anything and everything in it, taking the fun quotient of the game a notch higher. The new mode can be used to test out and explore many new features in the game and used to formulate strategies and even more.

Ever since Fortnite had been called boring by many members of the community, it seems well enough that Fortnite had tried its best to break the mundane gaming and introduce some out-of-the-box thinking. These Fortnite horror map codes take players to some custom maps featuring spooky settings with the objective to solve puzzles or escape the haunted location. Perfect to play alone or with up to three friends, depending on the code, these modes are some of the most popular custom modes in the game.

Here are some of the best Fortnite Horror Map Codes till May 2021 that are sure to send a chill down your spine.

Fortnite Horror Map Codes
Fortnite Horror Map Codes

Fortnite Horror Map Codes:

Fortnite horror map codes can be accessed from the creative mode in the customer portal area. While there are many, below are some of the best Fortnite Horror Map Codes leading you to some spooky maps.

Fortnite Horror MapCode
Quiet Place 3739-2232-6062
Mannequin Warehouse – The Night Shift5351-4440-5726
Pine City: Afterlife Code8974-6823-3966
Paranoia Tantrum6197-3447-4076
The Shining Hotel Overlook8575-8381-2923
The Dark World I6441-8884-3286
House of Torment 6003-4995-1704
The Creekwood Tracks0043-5459-2704
Lost in the Unknown 5312-0287-8262
Bad Dreams5707-5919-7318
Fortnite Horror Map Codes
Fortnite Horror Map Codes
Fortnite Horror Map Codes

While we have mentioned only the Fortnite horror map codes above, below are the map plots and details on the top 3 selected maps.

Quiet Place :

This mode is only for single players, so you can’t even have a friend to help you out. Sigh! And no, the map is not what you are thinking, the replica of the famous movie. The story of this map demands players to save the map, i.e., the Quiet Place from an evil spirit. While rooms in the map feature some props to be used that appear only once, there are frightening consequences of guessing them incorrectly.

Quite Place Map Walkthrough

In order to survive the whole map, players need to follow the same instructions for all the rooms, till they are too spooked.

Mannequin Warehouse – The Night Shift:

This map is one of the latest addition to the bunch of horror maps but does not fail to give you goosebumps nevertheless.

Mannequin Warehouse: Fortnite Horror Map Codes

Mannequin Warehouse manages to recreate the spooky and heart-racing action of Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this map, you must keep track of mannequins that seem to be moving on their own, and prevent them from getting onto yourselves. Players only have limited time and also battery power, so well, your life’s in your hands!

Pine City: Afterlife

Well, if you are looking for something creepier and by that, I mean some jump scares, then this map is the best option for some players. With your mission starting after a car wreck, you will have to make the way through a spooky forest. After all the tiresome travels and walks to find your way through the woods, you will see a mansion, and that is where the real action begins.

Pine City: Afterlife
Pine City: Afterlife

Much like some childhood goosebumps that we still dig, there are multiple endings in this map, and will give players a feeling of being stuck in a loop, well, we all are!

Paranoia Tantrum:

YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS WENT TO THE MOVIES. BEFORE THE FILM STARTS, YOU DECIDE TO HEAD TO THE RESTROOM.“, reads the bio of the map. One of the best narrative-based Horror maps in Fortnite, Paranoia Tantrum requires players to solve puzzles to escape while being confronted by jump scares that will catch players who are not focused. With a story to tell and some impressive map crafting, Paranoia Tantrum is the perfect solo Fortnite Horror experience.

With multiple endings just like the previous map, this story is nothing short of a real life horror encounter. Be sure to take your friends along.

The Shining Hotel Overlook:

Again coming alive from one of the best horror stories ever made by Stephen King, this story’s settings take place on the Hotel Overlook. With a similar theme to the lately popular game, Among Us, you must determine who among the 10 players is the villain, set out to eliminate you. The special landscape of the map, coming straight out the book, the massive hotel and movie The Shining! 

The Shining

This is a wonderful custom map, but all the same terrifying. You may want to avoid the real hotel, but not this map!

These were some of the best horror map codes and respective map features from Fortnite Creative. Looks like Halloween will be all year long from now!

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