Best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono after his nerf in the OB30 update

Here are the best Free Fire Character combinations with Chrono after being nerfed in the latest OB30 update.

chrono in Free Fire
Top 3 Character Combinations For Chrono

Chrono is one of the best characters in Free Fire and has been nerfed in the recent update. Here we will look at the best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono after the latest OB30 update.

Free Fire is one of the top-grossing mobile games which was released by Garena in December 2017. The game boasts unique in-game elements which keep players engaged in the game. Characters in Free Fire are by far the best additions by the developers in the game and those who play Free Fire are well acquainted with their powerfulness because of their potent performance. The developers will bring in new characters and they also do some rework in some existing character abilities.

Best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono after OB30 update

best characters in free fire
Chrono character

In the latest OB30 update, Chrono which was one of the best and widely usable characters in Free Fire, has received a buff which made its ability downgraded. Even after the update, Chrono is still a powerful character, and here are the best combinations with Chrono. Here is Chronos Time Turner Ability:

"Creates a force field that blocks 600 incoming damages from enemies. One can fire at outside enemies from within the force field. Movement speed increases  5%. All Effects last for 3 seconds. Cool Down period: 250 seconds."

Players are suggested to use Rockie pet to reduce the CD period of Chrono.

A. Chrono+Maro+Moco+Jota

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This combination is the best combination for Competitive or Rank push scenarios.

Chrono: Time Turner

Maro: Falcon Fervor

Moco: Enigma’s Eye

Jota: Sustained Raids

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According to Storm Brother on YouTube, Maros’ ability will increase damage in an interesting way. The higher the distance, the higher the damage is dealt. If you have Maro character whose ability is maximised, the enemy will receive 25% additional damage if shot by Maro from a long distance. Thus, the enemy will get knocked down easily.

Speaking of Elite Moco, her ability will ensure that the enemy is marked for about 11.5 seconds after being hit by you. Hence, you can bring him down with a sniper when in long-range or use a grenade when in close range. Moco can tag enemies and Maro’s shots will bring more damage, this combo will help you bring down the enemy easily.

Best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono after ob30

The last character is Jota, a combination is imbalanced without a healing character, and for this, we choose Jota character. This makes perfect, for each kill you make, you will receive HP.

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B. Chrono+Alvaro+Moco+Maxim

Best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono

This combination is the best choice for Clash Squad.

Chrono: Time Turner

Alvaro: Art of Demolition

Moco: Hacker’s eye

Maxim: Gluttony

Alvaro’s ability deals with explosive weapon usage like grenades. Clash Squad is an intense battle mode where there will be no time for a revival, and you will be in tough times. Grenades can be so powerful in CS Mode, and for that Alvaro adds more spice to it.

Best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono
Elite Moco

Moco’s ability is already seen in the above combination. It can reveal enemys’ location and by knowing so, you can throw grenades at that known place so that Alvaro makes sure that higher damage is dealt.

Best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono

As previously told, A combination is imperfect without a healing character, and Maxim can be an optimum choice for CS Mode. If any enemy pushes on you after giving 100 damage, you can heal up faster before he reaches you. Thus, you can surprise them by taking a decent fight with good HP.

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