Best guns in Garena Free Fire: All you need to know

This article is all about the Tp five Best guns in Garena free fire. Weapons play a critical role when pushing rank in Free Fire Read to know


This article is all about the Top five Best guns in Garena free fire. Weapons play a critical role when pushing rank in Free Fire. Read to know more about them. Weapons play a critical role when pushing rank in Free Fire. Read on to know more. Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there.

It has a plethora of Outfits, skins, and many other fancy items in the game. Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile right now. The game features over 30 characters that make it distinctive and unique in the BR genre. Weapons play a critical role when pushing ranks in Free Fire. Players regularly lookout for the perfect weapon combos that they can use in the battleground.


All the characters in the game, have unique abilities that significantly aid players on the virtual battleground. We all know every character in Free Fire has a unique ability of their own. Which is very helpful in the game. Not only Gun skins, pets, and bundles people go mad behind, for Characters in Free Fire.

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List of the best guns in Free Fire


Free Fire Players can check out the best Gun in Free Fire 2021. Here goes the list of the best guns in Garena free fire 2021:



The AK is an iconic assault rifle that is great at medium to long range combat. It is probably the rifle that has taken the most lives. And also the AK has great damage along with an impressive fire rate.

It has impressive fire rate and damage per bullet, and is effective regardless of the distance between the user and the target. However, the other-side of this gun is that it has significant recoil, making it difficult to control in some situations.



The SCAR is a reliable, deadly and accurate assault rifle that expends AR ammo. This weapon is really favoured and is extremely handy. It the choice weapon of the US Special Forces.



In Free Fire movement is of prime importance and when you are using a gun like MP40 it is even more important that you time and manage your movement. When you and the enemy are engaging in fights in a closed area then use the reverse jump drag and fire to increase the distance between you and the opponent. This will make it difficult for the opponent to make a precise head shot on you.

Recoil control is difficult on MP40 in Garena Free Fire. If your recoil control is still not stable then use this trick. When firing at an opponent instead of continuous fire use movement to break the fire pattern and reset your aim. Movement in a cover of a glop wall will give you protection and just a millisecond to reset your aim as well

It’s amazing how stable this sub-machine gun is despite its insane rate of fire. Extremely powerful in the short range. However, this gun is unable to equip any attachments other than a magazine.


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The M60 is the basic LMG in Free Fire – it has the stats of a basic Assault Rifle, with the only difference being its weight and high magazine sizes. Overall, it is a decent weapon and definitely worth using if you managed to get the bipod to go with it.


Garena Free Fire - Weapon Royale: Great Plunder Groza | Facebook

The Groza is the most popular GUNS, particularly in the game’s final circles. It has high damage and high stability, making it one of Free Fire’s most reliable weapons ever seen. The Groza offers a high range along with that, and the only con that it has is its low reload speed.

  • Damage – 61
  • Rate of Fire – 56
  • Range – 75
  • Reload Speed – 48
  • Magazine – 30
  • Accuracy – 54

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