Best Guns to play in Call of Duty mobile(COD): All You Need To Know

Here is all you need to know about the top 5 best guns in Call of Duty for 2021. These are the best guns of COD Mobile to play 2021


Today we will get to know about the best guns of Call of Duty (COD) best guns to play that players can use in Call of Duty: Mobile. Here we have listed out Top-5 best guns that you should definitely use to destroy your opponent in Call of Duty Mobile. \

Call of duty is the most popular game since it’s launch on 29 October 2003. Just because of it’s realistic graphics and gameplay becomes the most popular pc game among youngsters. The wait for the mobile users to play COD in there devices got finished in the last quarter of 2019 The franchise entered a market that almost looked spoken for with notable battle royale games, like Fortnite, PUBG and Free fire owning two big slices of the market. With the arrival of its season 13 COD players are excited to use the new guns to complete the missions.

Here we come with the Best Guns to play in Call of Duty mobile(COD)

ASM 10


If you love doing battles The long range battles ASM10 is the best gun in COD mobile. ASM10 is very effective at long range battels. But because of it’s slow firing rate ASM10 is least effective while you doing the close combat battles. The most best thing of the gun is takes only 3 shot to destroy the enemy.


Damage – 60
Fire Rate – 55
Accuracy – 50
Range – 55
Mobility – 55

DL Q33

DLQ 33 Sniper Rifle

The DL Q33 is available for players from the moment they install COD Mobile But one Headshot is enough to down an opponent. For a beginner DL Q33 is the most compatible sniper.

With the Rocking damage of 90 DLQ 33 is becomes the best sniper rifle in COD mobile. The controls on a smartphone make it intense to deal with. The attachments such as the MIP Lite, YPM Combat Stock, Bipod, and AWC, the ease of using the gun and its accuracy can be improved by Better margins and make this gun more compatible to use.


Damage – 90
Fire Rate – 15
Accuracy – 60
Range – 95
Mobility – 45



This is one of the best SMG in COD mobile. With its low recoil and higher damage, it’s the most compatible gun that an average player wants. This sniper is a medium-range fighting gun. The only and major Drawback of the gun is Slow firing range which means it takes a long time to kill the enemy.

 You can unlock a basic version of the gun at tier 12 of the free Steel Legion battle pass. The only and major Drawback of the gun is Slow firing range which means it takes a long time to kill the enemy.


Damage – 70
Fire Rate – 48
Accuracy – 60
Range – 55
Mobility – 65


DR-H assault rifles

This gun will only be accessible only if you own a Battle Pass. At level 21, a player can own the rifle for nothing. DR-H Introduced in season 8, this gun quickly became one of the better assault rifles in the game because to its higher damage and range. 

H is an ideal gun Using the attachment wisely can increases the gun’s damage further from 47. With it’s accuracy and high damage ability this gun quite popular among gamers. If the player owns a premium pass The Chained Skin variant of this rifle is accessible for players at 50th Tier.


Damage – 71
Fire Rate – 56
Accuracy – 45
Range – 60
Mobility – 61


KRM-262 shotgun

In a game where you kill every single enemy where it comes to close combat battles, there’s rarely any ability to get up in someone’s face. The KRM-262 is an ideal shotgun to use in face to face battles to give insane damage.

In Season 3 of COD Mobile, the KRM262 shotgun was introduced. The weapon is unlocked at player level 43. KRM-262 can deploy about 98 points of damage and high accuracy. The weapon’s increased range still doesn’t cover the distance of the long range.


Damage –98
Fire Rate –28
Accuracy –51
Range –39
Mobility –73

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