Battlegrounds Mobile India: Best tips to improve sniping in BGMI

Sniper is one of the best weapon in BGMI but using them might be difficult sometimes. Read the article to know some tricks for improving your sniping game in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Best tips to improve sniping in BGMI
Sniping in BGMI

Players of Battlegrounds Mobile India hold an obsession for sniping in the game. Sniping perfectly requires great skills specially when you’re using a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. This article takes a look at some of the best tips for the players to master their sniping in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India which saw its release on 2nd July,2021 is home to different weapons as well as weapon skins. This variety of weapons and customized skins keeps the players engaged towards the game. Starting from melee weapons to Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles, you can find everything in this game. Now, when we talk about Snipers, the name itself suggests a huge responsibility. A perfect squad in BGMI consists of an Assaulter who leads in close combat, a supporter who assists the assaulter/fragger while eliminating different squads, an IGL (in-game leader) and a sniper who holds a huge responsibility.

The 2 sniper rifles- Automatic and Bolt Action gives heavy damage to the enemies and if aimed towards the head, you can knock out the enemy in no time. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Players need to be aware of some basic tricks while sniping in BGMI. Let us now look at some of the tricks.

How to improve sniping in BGMI?

Hydra Dynamo is considered the sniping god of BGMI. One interesting fact about him is that he received instant popularity after his video where he knocked out 3 enemies in a row hitting a perfect headshot went viral. Apart from Dynamo, there are other acclaimed players such as Snax & DaljitSK who have mastered their sniping skills in BGMI. It is normal to lack huge skills in close combat, but remember to amend that with your sniping. Following are the methods to improve sniping in BGMI:

1. Crosshair Placement

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Best tips to improve sniping in BGMI
Image Credit: Mew2 YT

The first and foremost trick is to place your crosshair at the perfect place. Crosshair placement is one of the most important factor in BGMI as you can defeat the enemy quickly if the position of your crosshair is correct. Often, players tend to open their scope way before aiming at the enemy. This mistake can cost them their virtual life. Instead of that, players should open their scope directly at the enemy’s location.

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2. Move constantly

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Best tips to improve sniping in BGMI
Image Credit: Mew2 YT

One huge mistake that players make while holding a sniper is that they restrict themselves to a fixed place and wait for the enemy to peek. You might be standing in the open to shoot the enemy with your sniper but your enemies will knock you in seconds with their Assault Rifles (ARs). Try to move constantly so the enemy gets a hard defeating you. Follow the formula of ‘Locate, Aim & Shoot’.

3. Change your location

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Best tips to improve sniping in BGMI
Image Credit: Mew2 YT

Often players tend to shoot at the enemy from the same location. Your enemy might be as skilled as you are. They’ll be aware that you’re using a sniper if you’re peeking constantly from the same location. You have to use some different tactics such as flanking which is rotating in the opposite direction of the enemy and attacking them surprisingly. Use both the left & right peek option to knock your enemy.

4. Choose the best sensitivity

It is very important to set the best sensitivity if you want to snipe like a pro. Your sensitivity plays a huge role in enhancing your sniping skills. Try to keep the sensitivity at a middle range as they might prove to be ideal for your gameplay.

ADS sensitivity and gyroscope sensitivity matters for good sniping in BGMI. If you’re not able to choose the perfect sensitivity for your snipers, then you might take help from the sensitivity settings mentioned below:

ADS Sensitivity Settings:

  • 3rd Person no scope: 121%
  • 1st Person no scope: 120%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 50%
  • 2x scope: 80%
  • 3x scope: 65%
  • 4x scope: 55%
  • 6x scope: 40%
  • 8x scope: 26%
  • TPP aim: 40%
  • FPP aim: 30%

Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings:

  • 3rd Person no scope: 300%
  • 1st Person no scope: 300%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 300%
  • 2x scope: 300%
  • 3x scope: 300%
  • 4x scope: 300%
  • 6x scope: 70%
  • 8x scope: 60%
  • TPP Aim: 400%
  • FPP Aim: 400%

NOTE: Players can tweak their camera as well as the above mentioned sensitivity as per their suitability. It is not mandatory to follow the same settings.

These are some of the best tricks to improve sniping in BGMI. Were these tricks helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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