5 Best Tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire

Following are the best tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire.

Best Tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire: Free Fire is one of the popular Battle Royale games on the mobile gaming platform. The game offers a lot of unique in-game elements such as characters, pets, game modes, and many more. It has two primary game modes namely, Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode, with each having separate ranking systems.

The game is a fast-paced BR title and each match will last around only 15 minutes. For some players, it becomes quite hard to achieve a booyah even for players who are well-acquainted with the game. There are few things that players should consider while playing a match to win fights and eventually, the match. Let us know some tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire, you can use these tips in competitive matches too.

Note: These tips are for defensive gameplay.

Tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire

5. Prefer safe landing spots

win every ranked match in Free Fire

Landing is one of the main aspects while playing a match, and landing in the wrong place will send you to the lobby as soon as you get down. Know or be aware of all places on the map and choose a landing spot in which you can master any obstacle the comes upon you. Also, check where players are heading and the no. of players in the cabin, which could be a help to make your next move. Make sure your teammates have stayed closer to you when landing.

4. Looting

Bermuda map in free fire
5 Best Tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire 3

Looting also depends on the spot you have dropped. Your teammates should loot by being spread across the landing spot. Moreover, they should not be too far away. Pick your favourite weapons and take in all other essentials like gloo wall grenades, grenades, smokes, ammo, healings and protection. After looting has been done, gather your team and head to other places by rotations.

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3. Usage of Gloo walls

use Gloo Walls effectively in Garena Free Fire
Double Gloo wall

Gloo walls are one of the unique additions to Free Fire. It acts as potential as well as a protective cover for players from opponents. Players can use them for both aggressive and defensive gameplay. These are most helpful in the last zone. Make use of them and make the most out of them. Click here to know how to use Gloo walls effectively as a pro does.

2. Surviving

win every ranked match in Free Fire
5 Best Tips to win every ranked match in Free Fire 4

Surviving is what you need to win the game. Stay close to Vending machine places in Free Fire. In case, if you have a player down or eliminated, you can easily revive him using tokens. Note that there would be so many enemies near vending machines and you have to fight them or stay low. Make sure all your teammates are close enough so that all of you can fight together.

1. Usage of characters and pets

best characters in free fire
character combinations

Characters and pets are great things that are highly capable of boosting your overall gameplay. Both have some unique abilities and skills that can be used as a great hand on the battlefield. Choose an ideal character & pet and make sure your teammates also do the same. You can also make character combinations so that you have various abilities under your hand.

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