Best way to get free Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 14

Best way to get free Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 14

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The season 14 of PUBG Mobile has been finally released with the new Livik map. So, the Royale pass for the season is also now available for the purchase. As usual, the pass has again two variants. One is Elite Upgrade and the other is Elite Upgrade Plus and both have their own perks.

The cost of Elite Upgrade is 600 UC and can be unlocked only after buying. The second one that is Elite Upgrade Plus costs 1800 UC
But as we know everyone cannot spend money and some don’t have money to spend, so we have brought some free ways yo buy UC.

How to get the PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass for free

1) Earning from Apps

There are multiple apps from where small amount of money can be made and then further used to buy UC. You can take online surveys and get paid for answering. Besides, some apps pay for installing the different apps. Some of the apps that pay are;

  1. Google Opinion Rewards
  2. Zupee Gold
  3. SurveyMonkey
  4. Earning App.

All these apps are available on PlayStore and have a decent rating. One can earn some good amount of money to buy UC but it will take some time.

2) Giveaways

A lot of professional gamers give away free Royale Passes to their audience to promote themselves. The PUBG Mobile streamers who stream on YouTube usually give these gifts to their fans. For that you have to participate in their giveaway and if gou are lucky enough you will get a Royale Pass.

Besides that PUBG Mobile also gives sometimes giveaways to their players. So, keep looking around yourself.

3) Online contests

You can participate in various contests where you have to participate in just like a normal PUBG Mobile game and if you win, you will earn money. It’s just like a bet match. You just have to spend some 10-50 ₹ to participate in the match and if you win you will get around 200-500Rs, which can be used to buy UC and then Royale Pass.

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