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BGMI x Liverpool FC: How to get the Liverpool FC backpack and parachute for free?

BGMI x Liverpool FC collaboration event is now live in the game where players can claim permanent backpack skin and a time-limited parachute skin.

BGMI x Liverpool FC collaboration: All you need to know!

BGMI x Liverpool FC: Krafton is coming up with new surprises for the players day by day. From announcing collaborations, events that provide free rewards to exciting updates at regular intervals, the developers have done it all. Recently, a new collaboration, BGMI x Liverpool FC was announced which is giving a free backpack skin to the players.

If you’re both a football and battle-royale fan, then the collaboration with Liverpool FC is certainly going to thrill you. Tencent had announced a collaboration of PUBG Mobile with Liverpool FC few days ago, fans expected that similar rewards will be given in Battlegrounds Mobile India too. Their wish has been fulfilled as the BGMI x Liverpool FC collaboration event went live in the game today and players can claim exclusive rewards based on the partnership.

BGMI x Liverpool FC collaboration event

BGMI x Liverpool FC

After releasing the 1.7 update for the players yesterday, Krafton had another surprise for the BGMI fans. In their social media post, they announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to collaborate with Liverpool FC, a popular football club based in Liverpool, England. It was also announced that various rewards and events will be available in the game on 20th November i.e. today.

The event has been released today and fans need to complete a set of missions in order to grab the permanent Liverpool FC backpack and time-limited parachute for free.

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How to get the Liverpool FC backpack and parachute for free?

[LFC] Walk On

Permanent backpack
  • Reach 100 personal energy- Classic crate coupon scrap
  • Reach 500 personal energy- Classic crate coupon
  • Reach 1,000 personal energy- Liverpool FC backpack

Personal energy is the energy obtained in your clan. For obtaining personal energy, players need to complete the clan missions, team up with their clan members and play matches in different modes based on the requirement of their clan.

[LFC] You’ll never walk alone

Parachute skin

Join a clan – Liverpool FC parachute skin (time-limited)

NOTE: If players are already a clan member, they can obtain the rewards automatically

The event will run in the game till 12th December. Players need to complete the missions before the event ends in order to claim the reward. Apart from the BGMI x Liverpool collaboration event, players can get claim more rewards from coupon exchange event and update login rewards.

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