Bianca Belair recalls her time at WWE NXT

WWE star Bianca Belair discusses her journey on WWE. Belair had no prior pro-wrestling experience, yet she became a top star on WWE NXT.

WWE’s EST Bianca Belair

One of the biggest rising star for WWE in 2020 was undoubtedly Bianca Belair. The EST of WWE’s brilliant performance began at 2020 Royal Rumble. Belair delivered a record-breaking performance at the PPV.

With this year’s edition of Royal Rumble just a few days away, Belair is back in the limelight. Fans are expecting a similar performance from Belair this year as well. Apart from her Rumble performance, Belair is getting a significant push from WWE as well.

Belair is currently feuding with Bayley. She also has a Chronicle episode coming up on the WWE episode. She discussed all of this in detail during her interview with Sports Illustrated. Belair even recalled her time at WWE NXT.

When I came into NXT, I was the girl that came in without experience. I didn’t come from the indies, so I felt like I was constantly trying to prove myself. I had a different journey than everyone else, but I still worked my a** off to get there. And putting in the work hasn’t changed. I’ve been showing up and showing out, and now the opportunity is manifesting. This is what I’ve been working toward. I’m proving myself all over on SmackDown.”

Bianca Belair’s run in WWE

Belair during her Obstacle course on WWE Smackdown

Belair signed with WWE after her CrossFit career prematurely ended. Belair had no prior training in pro-wrestling. Despite being a newbie in the industry, she impressed everyone on the NXT roster. Belair soon became a top star on the NXT roster.

Belair moved to the main roster at Wrestlemania 36. She was usually seen as a supporter of The Street Profits. Belair moved to the Smackdown roster in the 2020 WWE Draft. She is currently involved in a feud with former WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

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