Big E responds to Apollo Crews’ deleted tweets

Apollo Crews had made fun on WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E, years ago. Big E and Crews faced each other on Smackdown.

Crews and Big E

WWE superstar Apollo Crews had made fun of Big E, years ago. A screenshot showing that the Intercontinental Champion’s latest WWE Smackdown opponent, Apollo Crews, has been shared.

Two years after uploading the deleted tweets, Crews, who joined WWE, made a joke about Big E’s height. He also disclosed that his family members said, “What is that?!”, when they saw Big E on television.

Big E is measured at 180cm (5ft 11in), while Crews is measured at 185 cm (6ft 1in). As part of their WWE plot, Crews’ eight-year-old tweets haven’t been reported yet.

Crews’ other tweets for Big E

Big E defeated Crews to retain his title

The Intercontinental Championship match between the two men on SmackDown this week saw Big E and Crews pin each other at the same moment. The Intercontinental Championship struck his rival with the Big End to retain his title after the match restarted.

The image above displays previous tweets by Apollo Crews about Big E. The third tweet in the list shows his reaction when, during their ring entrance, Big E accidentally struck AJ Lee in the face.

It is interesting that the screenshot of Big E contains the former username of Crews (@ApolloCrews) and not his new username (@WWEApollo). If the tweets in the screenshot had not been removed, they still would have appeared in the above picture alongside the other five tweets.           

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