Big three of men’s tennis won’t lose much due to sport’s suspension: Vijay Amritraj


On Wednesday former tennis player Vijay Amritraj said that The ‘big three’ of the tennis world will not lose much due to the suspension of professional tours since they have already created their own legacies. But the lower-ranked players are struggling in this ongoing crisis.

Amritraj said the trio of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafel Nadal, who has a tight grip over Grand Slam tournaments, won’t feel any financial stress or the pressure of progress. They are very strong players across the world and don’t face any financial problems.

“They won’t be affected at all by loss of money or points. They are all chasing each other on the number of Grand Slams as they have legacies already in place. They have all made history in their own way,” Amritraj said in a statement.

This situation is very tough for all those players whose their ranking below 100 including Indian players .

“Everyone in the tennis world will be affected. Players in various ranking categories will be affected in their own way. The lesser players will really struggle to make a strong comeback when this virus is contained. And older players will have lost crucial time,” he said.

“The Indian players will also be affected exactly like the lower-ranked players making it hard to get back in a position of fitness, ranking points and cash on hand to get started quickly when it opens up”, he added in a statement.

Amritraj is a President of Tamil Nadu Tennis Association and he said that spectators would not be allowed when the tennis sport resume.

“Tennis this year seems a bit distant though the US Open and the delayed French Open seem to still have a date in place. Will have to wait and see if it still happens. Tennis could potentially return with no fans rest of this year. That’s also tentative depending on each country’s situation. Social distancing and the fact that players come from different countries makes our sport tougher to run,” he said.

While cancelling of Wimbledon this year due to pandemic situation, Amritraj said “it is a great disappointment”.

“All the challengers are still catching up. They are the best behind the top three and there are several others as well. But until they start winning the Grand Slam events and that too on a regular basis, which they will, we have to wait and see how the top three maintain their winning record especially as age is not on their side,” he concluded.  


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