COD Mobile ban in Iran, Players reportedly Unable to access the game

COD Mobile ban in Iran has shocked many players as the reason is unknown here is all you need to know.

COD Blocked

Call of Duty Mobile (COD) Mobile ban in Iran, with Activision blocking millions of players from accessing the super-popular handheld title. As Politics are hampering games for players worldwide yet again, this time it is Iranian players who are reporting all kind of problems with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in their country.

By the looks of it, Activision decided to block the game in Iran, following the recent tension escalations between the US and Iran. Some Iranian players over at Reddit claim that they have been blocked from using Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers and have not been offered a refund for the blocked services.

COD Mobile Ban In Iran

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Captain Price
COD Blocked in Iran

Over the years, many countries have banned and blocked many games on grounds of depicting violence and displaying offensive contents. Unsubstantiated claims have often caused certain titles to be banned in several countries. A few months ago, the Indian government blocked access to the popular battle royale title PUBG Mobile, sighting the title’s privacy policy as a threat to the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

These titles have been arbitrarily banned in countries sharing a tense relationship with the game publisher’s country of origin. These purely political retaliations have started to become a trend and gamers face the trouble of going through blocks and even total bans without any form of reimbursement coming their way.

COD Mobile Ban in Iran
Banned in Iran: COD Mobile

The COD Mobile Iran gaming community was left shocked on April 12 as Activision blocked the COD Mobile ban in Iran region. Despite having access to the game up until this point, players are now being met with a new message upon opening the app. “Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to release the game in your area,” an in-game announcement reads. This notice blocked players from entering the game and playing as they normally would.

This monumental region lock has impacted roughly 32 million gamers, according to the latest report from the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation. A Twitter user ‘Nariman Gharib’ posted a screenshot that confirmed the same:

With increasing tensions between the United States and Iranian governments, additional sanctions have imposed further difficulties on the local gaming market. Development tools and new game releases are extremely difficult to come by. As a direct result, there has been a surge in account sharing throughout the region. This reportedly played a key role in COD Mobile’s ban.

“Due to the repeated efforts of Iranian users to deport and hack consoles and user accounts, all user services will be cut off for ten years,” a spokesman for the International Alliance of Consular and Non-Consular Games said. With COD Mobile now barred in Iran, it joins a grown list of major titles blocked in this region, listing its name with Clash of Clans and League of Legends.

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