BMF Title not on line at UFC 251 : Dana White

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According to dana white, the BMF title that Masvidal won last year against Nate diaz will not be on line at UFC 251.

Dana white has termed the BMF title match that happened last year between diaz and masvidal as one – shot deal and claims jorge Masvidal is the one and only bad mother champion in UFC history.

Ahead of the much anticipated match between masvidal and usman, Dana white revealed that Usman terrorized him with texts and phonecalls to put the BMF title on line, when the usman and masdival meet in the octagon over the weekend at UFC 251.

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The BMF title match had occurred last year at UFC 244 in November 2019 , in the aftermath of the challenege by Nate Diaz to Jorge masvidal in a welterweight bout.  After beating Antony pettis, Diaz had proclaimed himself as the “ baddest Motherf*  in the game “and had issued a challenge to Masvidal to prove him wrong .

When the fight was scheduled, Dana White announced a celebratory “BMF” belt for the winner .Masvidal had eventually won the match scoring a TKO after doctors ruled that Diaz could not continue between the third and fourth rounds .

 Dana White in a recent press conference revealed that ahead of their clash at UFC 251, Usman was irritated by the manner in which masvidal was running around saying he’s the baddest motherfucker and was trying very hard to get the BMF title on line.

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Usman claims to make sure he will strip masvidal off his title if its put on the line, Dana said. Dana also revealed that Usman , in an attempt to convince him of putting the title on line, called and texted him to such an extent that he was “Terrorized”.

Given the controversial nature of the conclusion of the fight for the BMF title, it was rumored that there might be a sequel to the fight but Dana ridiculed the claims saying this was a one-time bout and he is rather more interested in promoting other legitimate and recognized titles.

Usman (16-1-0) is set to face Masvidal ( 35-13-0) this Sunday on 12th july, after it was decided to resume UFC after corona lockdown.  

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