‘The fight in July or August is dead in the water’ – Bob Arum not confident about Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury going ahead

Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum have been going back and forth of late.

Tyson Fury with Bob Arum and Frank Warren

Despite Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn’s vehement denials, Bob Arum (Tyson Fury’s promoter) is still sceptical about the Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight going ahead. Hearn has insisted that the deal is signed and that the fight would go ahead in the summer, but Arum is somehow not convinced.

Arum also thinks that the fight might ultimately never happen. He had a piece of advice for both the fighters saying that they needed to go and have other fights in the meantime.

Eddie Hearn had earlier hit back at Arum. He said, “I think he’s trying to put pressure on. We’re a couple of days later than expected. The situation is still the same. We have an offer in writing from a site, the same site that we’ve dealt with before. The same people we’ve dealt with before. We know all about them. This is a done deal from that site.” [via SkySports]

‘It will take months for the Saudis to do their due diligence on such a huge deal’ – Bob Arum

Speaking to Telegraph, Bob Arum said, “It will take months for the Saudis to do their due diligence on such a huge deal. It is not just a site fee, there are ancillary demands from the Saudis stretching into the broadcast deals and other things, it could take months for it all to play out. It could even take until 2022 the way it looks right now. The fight in July or August is dead in the water as far as we are concerned. The two fighters need to go and have other fights this summer while the negotiations for that fight in the Middle East conclude.” [via BadLeftHook]

The back and forth between the two promoters has got the fight fans worried.

It’s been 14 months since Tyson Fury last fought

Deontay Wilder being knocked out by Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury hasn’t fought in 14 months. The last time he fought was against Deontay Wilder in February 2020, a stunning KO victory against the previously undefeated Wilder. This is something which has got Bob Arum worried.

Despite Arum’s cold war with Hearn, Tyson Fury has been actively calling out Anthony Joshua to make the fight happen soon, on social media.

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