Boxing at Tokyo Olympics: India’s Ashish Kumar loses out to Tuoheta Erbieke in Middleweight round of 32

India's Ashish Kumar failed to keep up with China's Tuoheta in the round of 32 in Boxing at Tokyo Olympics, ending his dreams of winning a medal.

Boxing at Tokyo Olympics, Ashish Kumar
Boxing at Tokyo Olympics, Ashish Kumar

On day 4 of boxing at Tokyo Olympics, Men’s middleweight round of 32 matches were conducted. India’s Ashish Kumar was up against Tuoheta Erbieke of China over 3 rounds. There were 6 judges from Algeria, Columbia, Israel, Ukraine, USA and Sri Lanka.

Kumar was strong to start off in the first round, however both the boxers produced equally good result. Tuoheta delivered some strong body shots, and was able to defend against Kumar’s jabs. It was expected that Kumar would win the round since he had a stronger performance, however it was Tuoheta who took the first round, with judges scoring in favour of the Chinese. All the judges gave Tuoheta a 10, while Kumar could only manage a 9 from all the judges.

The story was same in the second round, with Kumar struggling to make an impression against the Chinese boxer. He received some nasty shots to the side of the head from Tuoheta, who was given a warning by the referee. Tuoheta managed to hang on to the lead, after the all the judges awarded him a 10, and Kumar got all nines.

Boxing at Tokyo Olympics: Ashish Kumar fails to make a comeback even after strong third round

Boxing at Tokyo Olympics, Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar started off at a deficit in the third round, and Tuoheta was given 2 warnings by the referee during the round. Ashish Kumar struggled to get on his front foot, but refused to give up. Eventually Kumar’s efforts were enough for him to win the round unanimously, getting all 10s from the judges, while Tuoheta got all 9s.

This was not enough unfortunately, as Tuoheta was already ahead of Kumar after the first 2 rounds. The match ended in disappointment for India’s Ashish Kumar, as the Chinese boxer won 5-0, to advance to the next round. Kumar’s campaign going into the Tokyo Olympics has come to a screeching halt.

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