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“Dared to be great”- Clarissa Shields defends Canelo Alvarez from all the flak he’s received following recent setback

Canelo Alvarez Claressa Shields

Clarissa Shields backs Canelo Alvarez for taking the risk and trying his best, says the fighter doesn’t deserve the hate. Last weekend on May 7 the boxing world experienced one of the biggest upsets in recent times. Alvarez fought Dmitry Bivol for the WBA (Super) light heavyweight title and lost the fight via unanimous decision. It was a shocking moment as most people expected the Mexican to continue his winning streak.

Alvarez was undefeated for nine long years and had an impressive 16 win fight streak. During the time, the fighter won multiple belts in different weight classes and was looking unstoppable until now.

After the fight, Alvarez was ridiculed on social media by many fans and boxing followers. Fans claimed that Alvarez was overconfident regarding Bivol abd and suffered a loss. Many also jocked about Alvarez’s vegan diet being the reason for his loss.

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Clarissa Shields on fans trolling Canelo Alvarez recently

Dimitri Bivol cruised to a 115-113 unanimous decision over Canelo Alvarez

As the trolls and questions regarding Alvarez were growing day by day. Female lightweight champion, Clarissa Shields took to Twitter to show her annoyance regarding the negative outrage.

In the tweet Shields addressed that she is extremely sickened by how the fans are treating Alvarez for the loss. Shields explained it’s irritating that the fans are now making fun of the Mexican, questioning his skills and legacy. According to Shields it’s unacceptable because Alvarez tried to be great by going up and fighting Bivol. Shields revealed that there is nothing wrong in taking risks and trying hard.

“I Find it disgusting how everyone is slandering @Canelo and using his loss to say mean things, question his boxing legacy, skills and even make fun of him. It’s fucking weird because the dude dared to be great! There is no shame in trying! Shame is never takin risk!,” Wrote Shields.

It is true that the slandering has been a little more than expected considering Alvarez’s past records and respect as a champion. But that’s very common in the world of combat sports where even the top fighters have to take the criticism and can’t hide from it. It will be interesting to see what’s next for Alvarez and when he will make his comeback.

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