“Bit so hard on a basic feint,” Dan Hardy mocks Tyron Woodley for getting caught by Jake Paul’s feints

Dan Hardy takes a dig at Tyron Woodley for getting knocked out by Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley and Dan Hardy

The former UFC Welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley slipped to 0-2 in his professional boxing record by losing his second boxing match against Jake Paul by a sixth-round KO. Woodley served as a short-notice replacement in this fight to avenge the split decision loss in their first fight but this ended up being worse for him.

Woodley was the betting underdog entering into this fight and he had some really good rounds in the starting. Tyron Woodley was landing some nice shots to the body of Jake Paul but in the sixth round Paul caught him with a right hand and lights got turned out for Woodley.

Talking about the impact that knocked him out in the post-match press conference, Tyron Woodley says, “I fight for my kids and my family. I told you guys I was in shape, I told you guys I was ready to fight, and I told you guys I was in better shape than he was. So, I did that tonight and went back and looked at it and thought “Why the f**k did I drop my hands?” I was ready, I had both my hands up and I was expecting the overhand.”

“I knew he was gonna delay the punch. But even if he delayed it, I was ready for it. Even if he didn’t delay I don’t know why I dropped my guard. In this sport, it takes only one mistake, just one mistake, I blocked so many of his shots.”

Woodley believes he let a lot of people down with this performance but the champ is already open for future challenges.

Dan Hardy reignites the beef between him and Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul

The former UFC Welterweight fighter, Dan Hardy who has been targeting a fight with Tyron Woodley since his first loss against Jake Paul has reignited their beef. Hardy has been pushing very hard for the boxing match with Woodley but ‘T Wood’ isn’t interested in all of this.

After Tyron Woodley’s loss, he mocked him for dropping his hands by saying, “Why did I drop my hands…?” …because you bit so hard on a basic feint that you still have bits of manipulation stuck in your back teeth.”

Woodley already lost his second consecutive fight, now Dan Hardy reigniting the beef seems to be a build-up for the next boxing match.

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