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“Anderson Silva presents a chance to prove yourself”- DC dares Jake Paul to fight ‘The Spider’ instead of Michael Bisping

Jake Paul has been calling out Michael Bisping on Twitter. Daniel Cormier asks him to fight Anderson Silva if he wants a real challenge.

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva

Michael Bisping is a pioneer of the sport. His accomplishments are unprecedented and unheard of. He became the first British UFC champion at UFC 199 when he was a heavy underdog going into it and he accomplished his success by possessing one eye. He wears a prosthetic lens to cover his eye lens. Clearly, the man is quite peculiar. He retired from the sport back in  2017. 

Jake Paul became a prominent figure in the boxing world after his knockout wins over Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. He’s been calling retired UFC fighters and boxers left and right, and the latest one to receive a fight offer from him is Bisping himself. Bisping and Jake had a little back and forth on Twitter, and things got a little too heated recently.

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Bisping even teased him with a video of commission workers explaining how he can get a fighting permit and get back to fighting again.

“Let go of the Bisping thing”- Daniel Cormier asks Jake Paul to move on from the Michael Bisping fight

Michael Bisping- Jake Paul

Daniel Cormier doesn’t like Jake and he had a little trouble with hin the past, he took notice of this call-out and asked Jake to fight Anderson Silva if he’s actually looking for a fight. Talking about it in his recent YouTube video, he said, “If you really want to show the world, if you really want to prove that this is a second career for Jake Paul, that you want to be considered legitimate, you got the Showtime deal, you’re a fighter, fight Anderson Silva.”

He added, “That’s fun because Silva is still an amateur boxer, but he’s still training, he’s still fit, he’s dealt with injuries obviously, when you’re a UFC champion for as long as he’s been and on top of the game, you’ve got injuries. He’s older, Anderson’s older than all of us, but Anderson is still fighting and Anderson Silva presents a chance for you to truly prove yourself. So let go of the Bisping thing.”

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