“Rigged?”- Twitter user shines a light on abnormalities in Tyron Woodley’s knockout, suggests the finish was staged

The results of the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight were astonishing to many, and the knockout punch landed by Jake Paul seemed very easy to parry or defend, but Woodley did nothing of the two. He instead took the blow to his face.

The recent fight of Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley ended in a very dramatic fashion, with Jake Paul finishing off Tyron Woodley with a killer right over a punch that knocked out Woodley cold.

Now, while many are coming to terms with the results, some people are too surprised to even process the information. They just can’t digest the fact that Paul won the match with a clean punch to the face and Woodley was sincerely knocked out.

In many of the tweets and Instagram posts that are surfacing, the fans have analysed the moment where Paul landed the hook on Woodley’s face. They think that Tyron Woodley was paid to get knocked out.

“Tyron Woodley was paid a heap to take that punch to his face and sleep,” allegations rise against the boxer

Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul knocking out Tyron Woodley was rigged claim fans

The twitterati was relentless in finding the flaws in the defensive stance that Tyron Woodley held up against Jake Paul during the start of the 6th round.

Many fans think that Jake Paul fed Tyron Woodley some money to lose the fight and he signalled him to lose his defensive stance. When the time was right, Paul stuck at the defenceless Woodley, who collapsed like a sand castle.

One Twitter user commented, “He’s not saying the hit was fake… he’s saying the fight was rigged. TW was paid to take that shot.”

Another user spoke in the support of a fair fight, saying, “That is reaching tbh. He probably twisted his wrist like that throughout the whole fight, and even if he only did it that one time that still isn’t evidence of it being rigged, it’s only reasonable doubt.

Now was the fight rigged or not, only time can tell. Watch the entire knockout video on Showtime Sports and decide for yourself-

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