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“He will get f***ing destroyed”- John McCarthy warns Francis Ngannou against fighting Tyson Fury

John McCarthy believes that Francis Ngannou has no chance against the Gypsy King Tyson Fury in a boxing bout. Here is what he said

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

Legendary MMA coach John McCarthy predicts Ngannou’s future in a boxing match against Tyson Fury.

Francis Ngannou defeated Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 and successfully defended his heavyweight title. The ‘Predator’ showed the world why he is the best in the heavyweight division and has the skills to defeat anybody in the octagon. After winning the fight, Ngannou in the post-match interview revealed that he always wanted to box and would always be open to opportunities. The fighter explained that it’s time for him to start thinking about his future seriously as he has completed the last fight in his UFC contract.

John McCarthy doesn’t agree with Francis Ngannou’s decision of fighting Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou Tyson Fury

John McCarthy along with fellow host Josh Thomson recently published a podcast where they reviewed the whole UFC 270 pay-per-view event and shared their opinions regarding the fights. In the podcast, both discussed the current situation of Ngannou with the UFC and why he should not consider boxing with Tyson Fury. According to McCarthy, it would be a nightmare for Ngannou to step inside the boxing ring with Fury as the Gypsy King will annihilate Ngannou completely.

And vice versa will happen if Fury faces Ngannou in an MMA bout but in a boxing match, Ngannou cannot win against Fury. “He will get f******* destroyed in a boxing match. Now if you took and put Tyson Fury into the cage, I’m gonna go with Francis Ngannou. But in a boxing match.. c’mon. Get rid of the boxing stuff, let that shit go to the side,” said McCarthy. 

McCarthy explained that UFC helped Ngannou a lot to grow and promoted the fighter a lot. During the first fight with Stipe Miocic, UFC utilised all their resources to boost Ngannou’s fan following. But after two consecutive defeats against Miocic and Derrick Lewis, UFC kind of stopped it and it annoyed Ngannou. Currently, there is a dispute between both parties but it would be better for Ngannou to work things out with the UFC and sign a new contract.

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