“Tommy would’ve looked a lot worse than that,” Jake Paul claims Tyron Woodley is tougher than Tommy Fury

Jake Paul attacks Tommy Fury after knocking out Tyron Woodley, claims he would have ended worse than Woodley.

AJ McKee on Jake Paul
Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

The American professional boxer, Jake Paul extended his undefeated streak to 5-0 by knocking out the former UFC Welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley in a highly anticipated rematch. Paul scored a split decision win against Woodley when they faced each other for the first time and this time he knocked him out in the sixth round and made Tyron Woodley’s professional boxing record 0-2.

During the third round of their boxing match, Jake Paul got a cut on his head by an accidental elbow from Woodley and it was bleeding during the fight. But he kept on fighting and scored one of the biggest wins of his professional boxing career in the later rounds.

Talking about that cut in the post-match press conference of Paul vs Woodley 2, Jake Paul says, “Nothing fazes me at all because I’ve gone through a lot of sh*t in my life, way harder sh*t. So any little cut isn’t gonna stop me from winning or putting me out of my game plan. I actually starting to like that sh*t because I look like a fighter right now, in all my other fights I didn’t look like a fighter.”

“At one point of blow in my eye, I see all red. I didn’t even know if that’s healthy but I just saw red and I told myself, hey, you gotta do it.”

Jake Paul is ready for any challenge that comes in his way next

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul
Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul

Jake Paul was booked to face Tommy Fury in this fight, but he pulled out his name due to an injury and Woodley served as a short-notice replacement for that. But for Paul it doesn’t matter who is his opponent, he is ready to face anyone inside the boxing ring because he believes he is the next big thing in professional boxing.

Jake Paul added, “I’ve done more than enough, four massive fights in thirteen months. No one in the history of boxing has ever done what I did at this age. Massive pay per views knocked out every person that I fought, the only person who is as active as me and doing bigger pay per views is Canelo and I knocked out every person I fought, turned all of them into memes.”

“I’m ready to fight whoever doesn’t matter if he is a professional boxer or five times UFC champion, I don’t care, I’m built for it. That’s what I showed tonight. Tommy Fury is lucky that he wasn’t in there tonight, because Tyron’s way tougher, he has that experience. Tommy would have looked a lot worse than that because that was pretty bad.”

Talking about his game plan on knocking Woodley out, Jake Paul continued, “The whole fight he was catching my jabs, catching my one-two, catching my right hand with his elbow and my straight too, because of that I wasn’t landing. That’s why I was coming with that round arm shots to the body and I was doing that all night long. I hit him with that body shot, followed by that one and when he came to catch it, that’s when I knew he is pulling his hands away and I put all my power into it.”  

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