Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Highly Anticipated Date Revealed

As Jake Paul looks to carry on his winning streak inside the boxing ring, know about his fight date against Tomy fury.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

According to recent reports from IFLTV, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s long-awaited fight’s date has been revealed. Their rivalry has been in the news for quite some time now as both of them have been poking each other on social media for a long time.

The pair exchanged words on Instagram stories after Jake Paul called Tommy Fury out for not accepting the contract which referred to their fight and the huge $1M offer which was presented to the English boxer.

When will Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight take place?

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

Rumours suggest that Frank Warren, who is Tommy Fury’s promoter is hoping to finalize a deal with Jake Paul’s representatives as early as this week. The fight is set to take place this November or December, the venue and the undercard are yet to be decided.

Replying to Jake Paul’s bet, Tommy Fury publically agreed to fight him after having several back-and-forths. Fury also warned ‘The Problem Child’ that he would be leaving out on a stretcher after the fight and that Tommy Fury would humiliate him.

Jake Paul tattoo
Jake Paul after the win against Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul is still undefeated after 4 fights, 3 of them have been won by KO. He is arguably the best ‘Youtube boxer’ right now, and has certainly improved since the first time he took up a fight against Deji. Paul is full of confidence after coming off a win against former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley.

On the other hand, Tomy Fury too is undefeated and has a record of 0-7 in professional boxing. Having made his debut in 2018, he has not made a wrong step in his career so far. Fury was last seen in action against Anthony Taylor in the undercard of Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley.

Whose perfect record will be broken? Will Jake Paul continue to march on and secure another win or will Tyson Fury ruin the party? Only time will unravel all the speculations and answers as Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is scheduled to be settled in the most rigorous way possible.

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