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25-Year Old Boxer Luis Quinones tragically dies after succumbing to injuries suffered in his final fight

The 26-year Old Colombian Boxer died after battling his injuries in the hospital for over 5 days.

Luis Quinones in the boxing ring

In a growing trend of young boxers succumbing to the brutality of boxing, Luis Quinones becomes the latest to perish as a direct result of injuries sustained during a fight. The young boxer was only 25 years old.


The boxer had an impressive record of 10-0 until he faced Jose Munoz on the 24th of September. The Junior Welterweight fight ended ina knockout victory for Munhoz in the very last minute of the fight. After the KO Quinones was left unconscious and motionless.

He had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher and when taken to the hospital it was revealed that he had suffered a major brain clot due to the KO. Even after surgery the boxer was still declared to be in a coma.Luis Quinones was declared brain dead on Thursday although he’d remain on the ventilator until his passing on Friday.


His promoters put out a statement appreciating the legacy of the young boxer saying, “Cuadrilatero Boxing deeply regrets the death of Luis Quinones, an exceptional human being, disciplined and who always showed the greatest commitment to this sport,”

His opponent Munoz, was also a sparring partner of his and was devastated by the end result of the fight describing the situation as “a dream could turn into a real nightmare”.

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Luis Quinones the third young boxer to perish this year

Luis Quinones is his earlier days

This is the third death in 2022 caused a direct result of the injuries suffered during boxing match or training session. Most notably South African Boxer, Simiso Buthelezi perished earlier this year after suffering from head trauma during his 10-round fight for the WBF African lightweight title against Siphesihle Mntungwa

Their fight had been called off after Buthelezi infamously started punching the air after separation by the referee shortly before collapsing into the corner only being held back up by the official. He’d succumb to his injuries in the hospital over the next 3 days.

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Another notable example was Nigerian prospect and 18-Year-old Boxer, Miracle Amaeze suffered two brutal knock downs in a single sparring session. In a now unavailable footage by Insider, the boxer can be seen on the canvas as his training partners try to bring him back to consciousness.

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