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“He will SHOW UP,” Chael Sonnen says Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul is far more CLOSER to reality than anticipated

Paul is an undefeated pro-boxer having a record of 5-0 and has defeated every opponent he ever fought via knockout. Tate is a 4-time world kickboxing champion. Today, both of them are combat stars with huge stardom.

Jake Paul- Andrew Tate

Just when Andrew Tate managed to enter enough minds of famous people to make the world start talking about it, Chael Sonnen manages to bring up his name as well. Tate, a former 4-time world kickboxing champion under the banner of ISKA and was ranked #1 in Europe in 2009. Tate transcended his name into the world of online career by opening up a webcam scam for making money huge lumps of money. Eventually, Tate became a rich social media influencer with ownership of Casinos and businesses around his residence in Romania.


Tate has been highly anticipated as the next big name from the online world after the likes of KSI and The Paul Brothers entered the world of boxing. He has therefore called out Jake Paul a long time ago before breaking through the internet the way he is doing these days. Jake’s brother and WWE superstar Logan Paul has expressed his interest in fighting Tate at some point in time.

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Chael Sonnen believes that Andrew Tate has exploded like no other in the last 2 months

Andrew Tate- Chael Sonnen

In one of the videos on his Youtube channel, MMA Legend Chael Sonnen talks about who can be the next opponent for Jake Paul that will actually show up to fight. It has been dismissed by Sonnen that anyone from the purist school of boxing will challenge Paul after Paul’s last scheduled fight against Hasim Rahman Jr has been cancelled due to Rahman Jr’s weight issues. Sonnen, therefore, looked at the entertainment industry and thought of KSI but majorly talked about Tate.

“Andrew Tate made a video. It didn’t do terribly well. He did it about two months ago. He called out Jake Paul. But in those last two months, he has exploded, he’s being discussed on the Joe Rogan show. I’m discussing him now, Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, discussed him this morning… so things are very different and Tate will show up. I mean just so you understand, Andrew Tate says that he will show up, he will show up, believe me…” says Sonnen.

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What do you make of this assessment for a fighting possibility between Tate and Paul? Do you think the fight will happen? Who do you think will win? Is Tate the fastest rising internet celebrity of this century so far? Do you think a fight between Tate and Paul will sell huge? What do you think of Tate as the character that he is on the internet? Do you think he matches with the madness of Paul?

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