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“Not in 3 years! Not ever”- Claressa Shields rules out the possibility of Jake Paul besting Canelo Alvarez

Claressa Shields often speaks her mind on Twitter and she didn't hold back on expressing what she feels Jake Paul's chances are against Canelo Alvarez

Claressa Shields gives Jake Paul zero chance at ever beating Canelo Alvarez

The world of professional combat sports was shocked last weekend when undefeated Russian light-heavyweight managed to comfortably dominate who many thought was the best boxer of our time, Canelo Alvarez. This was Canelo’s first defeat in over 9 years when a 23 year old Canelo was outclassed by the defensive mastery of Floyd Mayweather at light-middleweight.

Canelo came up short in his return to light-heavyweight and lost a decision to[ Dimitri Bivol

When you’re down, the hyenas surround you quickly and there is probably no one worse in the entire combat sports ecosystem when it comes to rejoicing in someone else’s defeat over Jake Paul. The former youtube now turned boxer with a record of 5-0 made headlines in the lead up to Taylor-Serrano where he promised Eddie Hearn (Canelo’s current promoter) that he would beat Canelo in over 3 years’ time. After Canelo’s defeat, Jake was quick to air his excitement on Twitter.

Paul said, “I’m 2 inches bigger than Bivol, 20 Pounds Heavier, give me 3 years I take out Canelo in the same way.” The Youtuber praised Bivol for his performance while berating Eddie Hearn saying,“Believe in yourself and don’t listen to these British sc**bags like Eddie Hearn.” While Canelo did lose comfortably, he did take a bigger risk in his return to light heavyweight and boxer who realized that came to his defense and refute Jake Paul

Jake Paul has announced that he’ll return to the ring in August but an opponent is yet to be named

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Claressa Shields dismisses any possibility of Jake Paul defeating Canelo Alvarez

Claressa Shield completely dismissed the idea of Jake Paul ever triumphing over a seasoned veteran like Canelo

3 weight boxing Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Claressa Shields responded to those mocking Canelo. In a tweet the boxer describing how she felt about people ridiculing a losing effort by Canelo said, “It’s fucking weird because the dude dared to be great! There is no shame in trying! Shame is never takin risk!”

In a follow-up tweet she clarified, “ And Jake Paul will not beat Canelo ! Not now, not in 3 years! Not ever ! Bye!” completely decimating any possibility that the YouTuber has a chance against the highly tested professional boxer. Claressa Shields is someone who knows about daring to take a risk as the boxer also made a foray into MMA, where she has competed twice under the PFL banner.

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