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Enduring a tough fight against COVID-19, Dingko Singh emerges victorious

After being tested positive for five times since May, reports suggest that Indian boxer, Dingko Singh has come out of coronavirus, testing negative on Friday.

Dingko’s nightmare began when he was flown to Delhi for radiation therapy to treat his cancer. To make matters even worse, he was diagnosed with jaundice on landing in New Delhi and that particular session had to cancel. With flights still not in operation because of the lockdown, Singh took an enormous 2400km journey back to his home town. Upon reaching Imphal, he tested positive for Covid-19.

The Asian games Gold winner in 1998 and also awarded the Arjuna Award the very same year. Awarded The Padma Shri in 2013. Currently, Singh is working with the Indian Navy. The former boxer has been battling illness for quite some years now, starting with liver cancer.

“I tested positive five times during my stay in the hospital. It was very traumatizing because I would see people, who came after me, leave before me. But somehow I kept going thanks to the doctors and nurses,” he recalled as quoted by AMP scroll. Now, Singh is in isolation at his residence.

“I am isolated on the top floor of my house in Imphal but I am just so happy to be back home. Everyone is celebrating, people from my village came to give their good wishes. I couldn’t meet them but I am happy they cared.” he added.

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Source: Scroll