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Watch: Floyd Mayweather dances and Steal ring girl’s card during exhibition match against Don Moore

Floyd Mayweather danced and stole the ring girl's card during his exhibition match with Don Moore in Abu Dhabi.

Floyd Mayweather

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather seemed to enjoy his return to the ring after over 11 months. Floyd returned to fight against Don Moore. the fight was a bit too much for Don whereas Mayweather seemed to enjoy fighting in an exhibition match.

This was Floyd’s 3 exhibition match after retiring in 2017. The boxer fought YouTuber Logan Paul in June 2021 and returned to fight Don Moore in Abu Dhabi. The fight was originally supposed to be held on 14th May. However, the sudden demise of the UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the event was postponed for one week.

The fight lasted a full eight rounds, but the boxing champion had some fun during the match. Floyd took the card being held by the ring girl to mark the start of the seventh round. Mayweather then paraded the card around the ring, holding it high above his head.

As the crowd cheered for Floyd, he then started dancing in the ring with the ring girl, who smiled and joked around with the boxer. Floyd was confident throughout the fight and this gesture confirmed his confidence ass he dominated his opponent throughout the fight.

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“I would beat Floyd Mayweather”- Jake Paul challenges Floyd Mayweather after his fight against Don Moore

Floyd Mayweather- Jake Paul

Jake Paul has challenged Floyd Mayweather for a boxing match after Floyd outmatched Don Moore in his recent exhibition match in Abu Dhabi. Paul has an unbeaten record in boxing and is now looking to fight Floyd in a boxing match. Floyd fought Jake’s brother Logan Paul in 2021 and Jake is also looking to fight Floyd.

Jake has been pressing for a fight with Floyd for quite some tie now and has now also challenged Anderson Silva for a boxing match. Jake is supposed to fight on August 13, but no opponent has been revealed yet. It is widely speculated that Tyson fury’s brother Tommy Fury will be the opponent of Jake Paul in August.

In his recent tweet, jake took a hit at Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva and claimed that he will defeat both of them on the same night. Jake tweeted: “I would beat Floyd and Anderson in the same night”

Jake last fought against Tyron Woodley in December 2021. The call-out comes after Floyd outboxes his opponent Don Moore in an exhibition boxing match. Silva was also facing Bruno Machado on the same card and scored a brutal knockdown against him.

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