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Floyd Mayweather wins another battle as court dismisses $400,000 lawsuit against him

Floyd Mayweather victorious In battle with New York jeweler over alleged unpaid $400k bill.

Floyd Mayweather

Last year in October, Floyd Mayweather was sued for a whopping $400,000 by a New York jeweller after the boxer failed to pay for pieces of jewellery. The trading group named Eric & Co filed a lawsuit against Mayweather for not paying the money for the jewellery he took from the group. It was reported that Mayweather and the group had a good relationship and the fighter was able to take the jewellery without giving a deposit while buying.


According to Eric & Co, Mayweather took items of a combined worth of $389,550 which included several diamond bracelets, gold chains,3 large white gold “TMT pieces given to Floyd”, a diamond necklace etc. Due to their association, Eric & Co allowed Mayweather to take whatever he wanted and pay later which the boxing legend failed.

The case has been continuing for months now however, nothing solid has come out. The company also accused the former champion of not appearing at the court hearing and ignoring legal charges. New updates came out about the case and the new judge in New York stated that the company chose the wrong state to file the case. According to reports, the deal took place in Florida so, the company should have filed the case in Florida which they didn’t. In the end, the judge dissolved all the claims against Mayweather by Eric & Co.


Paying $400k might not be a big deal for Floyd considering the fact that he makes millions out of his exhibition bouts. However, if the case has no essence there is no need for it. Mayweather can just continue to flex his impeccable collection of jewellery that he got.

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Floyd Mayweather owns expensive jwellery worth millions

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is famous for his love for money and the boxer never shies away from showing his richness to the world. Mayweather owns a lot of expensive items and his Jewelry Collection is one of them.

Mayweather likes to buy, collect and wear expensive bracelets, chains, watches etc. As per reports, the retired boxer has what is called the ‘Billionaire watch’ which costs approximately $18 million. The former multi-division champion also has an Iced Presidential watch covered in white gold which is extremely expensive.
Mayweather has a lot of diamond rings and one of them is the 30-carat one which cost the fighter $2.3 million.

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Even at the age of 45, Mayweather still has a lot of affinity for money and is frequently participating in exhibition bouts. These fights are making Mayweather $20-50 million easily without even taking any damage.

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