“Not gonna feel so good”- Former foe Ben Askren previews Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren recently spoke with The Schmo on everything including  Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul Tommy Fury Ben Askren
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury and Ben Askren

Paul, a YouTube sensation and social media success, is 5-0 as a professional boxer, including victories against former MMA champions Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Paul’s most recent fight was in December when he knocked out Woodley in the sixth round.

Recently, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury announced on Thursday that they have agreed to face one other in an August 6 event at Madison Square Garden in New York, sponsored by Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions and Showtime boxing.

The announcement comes only one day after Paul gave Fury an ultimatum, warning him that he had 24 hours to comply with his requirements or “I will never give you this opportunity again.” Fury was meant to face Paul in December, but he dropped out due to an injury and illness. Fury promptly reacted to Wednesday’s challenge, agreeing to the Aug. 6 date through social media.

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“I would feel better about myself,” Ben Askren expresses his feelings if Tommy Fury loses versus Jake Paul

Jake Paul Ben Askren
Ben Askren vs Jake Paul

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren recently was interviewed by The Schmo and their talk covers from commenting on Conor McGregor getting a title shot against Charles Oliveira to Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul switched his focus to ex-UFC fighters in 2021, and Ben Askren was one of the few who fell victim to him. So when The Schmo mentioned Jake, Ben instantly chimed up with his latest news.

Ben informs The Schmo that losing would be embarrassing for Tommy Fury, but if he did, it would make him feel better.  He tell, “ I was never a boxer. I never claimed to be good at boxing. Tommy Fury actually is a boxer. If he gets beat up by Jake Paul it makes me feel a little bit better about myself, but not that much because I still got beat up by Jake Paul in a boxing fight…So Tommy fury gets beat that’s not gonna feel so good for him.”

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