“He was a bum”- Jake Paul fires off at John Fury amid talks of a fight against Tommy Fury

Jake Paul fired at John Fury as there was rumours of a fight against Tommy Fury, and this is what happened:

John Fury Jake Paul
John Fury shuts down rumors of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Jake Paul is expected to make his comeback in the main event of a Showtime pay-per-view at Madison Square Garden on August 6, and it has been speculated for months that Tommy Fury will be his opponent. Although the fight hasn’t been publicly announced, the most recent rumors stated that John Fury, Tommy Fury’s father, will pull his son from the match. After Jake’s chat on Twitter earlier today, it appears that the battle will take place.

Tommy competes in a lighter division than Tyson (light-heavyweight). His stunning facial features also helped him secure a position on Love Island 2019, where he met Molly Mae, the lady who would eventually become his soulmate. He is also 6 feet tall. He may thank his Irish Traveler father John and his Mauritius-born mother Chantal for giving him good genes.

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“He never had anything”- Jake Paul makes personal attacks on John Fury

Jake Paul Tommy Fury John Fury
Jake Paul trashes John Fury

With Paul during a press conference to advertise their prior encounter in December, which was eventually postponed, John, Tommy’s father, has been deeply involved in their feud. The father recently demanded that the battle be postponed while saying some not-so-pleasant things about Jake Paul,

To which Paul replied, “Tyson Fury’s dad John is living vicariously through his son because his boxing career was s***,He never had anything, he was a bum and now you have this family where there is only one real superstar, money-maker and successful fighter. So basically Tommy thinks he’s as good of a fighter as his brother Tyson and I plan to expose that on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.”The same was reported by Michael Benson

Many people took notice of his quick rise as he decisively beat UFC star Tyron Woodley in their rematch, first by decision and then by knockout. Along with dominating in the ring, Paul has also given up the wild lifestyle that comes with fame, which, according to his boxing coach, Danny Smith, has saved his life. Paul’s coach claimed that the media continuously undervalues him and that he is making great strides toward his goal of becoming a full-time fighter.

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