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“The real-life superman”- Jake Paul hails Elon Musk for spearheading the charge against curbs on free speech

Elon Musk gained the most unlikely supporter in Jake Paul as newly released videos show Employee's bias against him

Jake Paul backed Elon Musk in his campaign to fulfill the acquisition of Twitter

Where there’s clout, there’s a Jake Paul and no other topic gains more clout on Twitter than its possible future CEO, Elon Musk. Musk who has been on a campaign to acquire the social media giant has faced a few hurdles in gaining funding for the $44 Billion acquisition and has backtracked a bit claiming employee disputes and not being able to access the true number of bot accounts on Twitter.

Recently, far-right activist group Project Veritas released an undercover operation they took part in exposing Twitter’s employee bias against right-leaning creators and content, a video that was retweeted by Jake. Project Veritas, whose credibility has been questioned in the past for releasing edited-undercover conversations they have with people in high places, released a video where Suru Murugesan a cheif engineer at Twitter, shares how its employees are panicked over Musk’s possible acquisition, describing his co-workers to be “Commie As f**k”

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Jake Paul supports Elon Musk in his crusade against Twitter

Jake has announced that he’ll be fighting again in August

Paul joined the fray of Elon Musk fanboys in furthering the video, expressing his shock at the revelation. Paul who is less than up-to-date with the politics of the world is known to support whatever cause the wind favors and this seems like another example of the same. Expressing his shock at the revelation, Paul said, “This is insanity. We live in a sick and twisted world controlled by the wrong fu***ng people.”

Paul expressed his discomfort with the platforms that people use to communicate being overseen by anti-capitalists, calling them the “wrong fu**ing people” an irony completely lost on Paul who is using Fighter Unionization as a cause to further his roots in the combat sports community. Jake then went on to call Elon Musk a hero for his crusade against the social media platform saying, “Elon Musk is the real life, Superman.

Jake would’ve been less than happy viewing the replies to the tweet, with most calling him a “D**krider” for claiming to support a cause he most likely has the slightest clue about. Paul has announced that he will be fighting again in August, although an opponent is yet to be announced. The latest support for Elon Musk is possibly just another ploy to garner attention to his brand and by extension his upcoming fight.

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